In all my years of traveling to teach yoga, I have worked with lots of capable people. Laura (One Yoga Global) is right at the top of the list. She is not only warm and easy to work with, she is also very competent. And she handles the unexpected with grace, usually with humor and a smile. What fabulous qualities to have in an organizer when you find yourself far from home. I recommend Laura and her trips with unqualified enthusiasm.
– Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.d., PT, and yoga teacher since 1971.

I have attended and taught at a number of retreats and extended events and none have been run more smoothly than One Yoga Global retreats format. Laura takes care of her attendees and teachers in a way that all feel nurtured and cared for. She facilitates everyone feeling included. As a teacher I know I have been promoted with honesty and integrity in Laura’s retreats.  I feel comfortable with Laura to participate both as a teacher and a guest.
-Siri Bahadur Khalsa

As an accomplished yoga teacher herself, Laura knows what it takes to make your retreat experience perfect. Every detail is handled faultlessly, every communication is followed up, and every person who attends your retreat is accorded the highest regard.  Teaching in the most beautiful places in the world is what we all love to do, and Laura always makes it (in her words) “easy-peasy.”
-Mehtab (www.gongteacher.com)