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Mateo Magee

Matthew “Mateo” Magee has been serving communities around the world as a spiritual teacher, guide, and expedition leader for a quarter-century.  His book, Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa (2002) was the first written account of an ancient lineage that has been refining its Earth-based forms of wisdom for thousands of years. Holding several University degrees, Mateo feels his true education was derived from the years he spent living and working alongside First Nation Peoples of both North and South America.  His current spiritual work revolves around postures of receptivity in nature, stillness in motion, and a deep relationship to silence in solitude.  Years of his life have been spent alone in the wilderness, studying the ancient conversations that live there.  One of Mateo’s great gifts is his capacity to make complex and elusive spiritual concepts accessible and palatable, building bridges between ancient cultures and modern-day truth seekers.  He considers himself a perpetual student, and his humble, inclusive teaching style creates a safe environment for every soul to enter and stretch out in.