Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of our favorite retreat destinations.  Located in Central America and ripe with biodiversity and environmental attractions, Costa Rica boasts dense rainforests, hundreds of beaches, majestic volcanoes and misty cloud forests.

Costa Rica has a spectacularly high literacy rate of 96% and over 25% of the country is protected pars and reserves. A culture built on family & education, Costa Rica lives up to it’s own high standards and environmental virtues and sustainable development.

True eco-tourism is one of Costa Rica’s most powerful offerings to the world. Yoga teachers and wellness professionals have discovered the deeply healing energies of this land and it’s people and it has become a popular location for yoga and wellness immersions, yoga trainings and rejuvenate vacationing.  From the nutrient dense fresh foods to the oxygen rich rainforest and beach air – teachers and students  from all over the world return again and again.

We have several centers we work with in Costa Rica offering various features and adventures.

If you’d like join a future retreat to Costa Rica or would like to bring your student and would like to partner with One Yoga Global, please contact us.

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