Dr. Cass Naumann

Dr. Cass Naumann is an intuitive teacher and healer whose decades of studies and innate gifts bestow upon her clients an elevated sense of well-being, awareness, and self-compassion. People who work with Cass report subtle changes to all levels of their body, mind, and spirit.  She has mastered a myriad of healing modalities including: Qigong, Tai Qi, vibrational sound healing, acupuncture, cupping, energy work (medical qigong/reiki), breathwork, bodywork (tuina), yoga, and meditation.  In essence, Cass is a lightworker, devoted to the heart and spirit of this medicine, ushering the collective consciousness toward more peace, balance, and loving kindness.

Dr. Cass is a gentle guide, bringing equal parts elegant professionalism and grace to her practice.  Cass earned her doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, with an honors concentration in Integrative Medicine.  While studying Qigong and the effects of vibrational healing, the seed was planted for the Vibrational Sound Healing Temple, where she now offers custom sound healing sessions  originalspirithealingarts.com/specials-packages.

Cass is a licensed acupuncturist and Board certified Diplomat of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM.

Her devotion to helping transform lives stems from her belief that we all have innate ability to heal ourselves. Cass facilitates trauma recovery with acupuncture and herbs, and is a certified acupuncture detox specialist (NADA).  She is particularly passionate about supporting people suffering from symptoms of cancer, trauma, and chronic pain.  Her reverence for ancient medicine is perceptible in the calm spaciousness she brings to her healing sessions.  Cass’ focus on prevention, wholeness, wellness, and lightness of being helps her clients feel less stress and more quality of life. Her practice is also informed by her doctoral study abroad in Kyoto, Japan (the birthplace of Reiki), where she did an intensive study on Japanese techniques. On the lighter side, she offers Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture, cupping therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, and Shakujyu Japanese meridian therapy. 

Previously a devout Zen Buddhist practitioner and a yoga student since age 19, raised in the tradition of Christian mystics, Cass is soon to be an ordained priest in the Quanzen Longmen Daoist lineage. She sits in monthly sweat lodge ceremonies (inipi) with the Lakota people, and chants at the local Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist temple.  Cass is fluent in the language of many different spiritual paths, having studied altered states of consciousness, meditation, the effects of prayer, and the biology of belief. What she finds as the common thread at the heart of all of the teachings is Love. Our connection the Source. The interconnectedness and interdependence of us all.

Cass has been teaching yoga, Qigong and meditation for over 15 years. She is 200-hour RYT certified with the Yoga Alliance and is a 7th generation Reiki Master/Teacher in the lineage of Master Usui; an honor she holds sacred.  Cass has extensive study, practice, and multiple certifications in Medical Qigong; and is certified through the AOBTA. Her primary teachers have been Dr. William Morris, Jampa Stewart, Dr. Roger Jahnke, and Dr. Jeffrey Yuen.

Dr. Cass is quickly becoming an expert in the field of Qigong and vibrational sound healing, as a soon-to-be published author and international teacher.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music from The University of Texas in 2001 and delights in sharing music and vibration as part of any healing opportunity. When she’s not working, Cass enjoys tending to her garden, playing in nature with her son, and reading spiritual texts on her couch in the golden light of sunrise. 

Professional Skills:
Classical and Japanese Acupuncture and Moxabustion
Chinese and Tibetan herbal Medicine as well as Western botanical plant medicine
Nutrition and Supplementation
Cupping, Gua Sha
Medical Qigong, Qigong, Tai Qi and Reiki master and teacher
Post graduate training and experience in cosmetic acupuncture
Post graduate training and experience with Japanese non-insertion techniques in children and oncology patients
NADA- detox acupuncture specialist