Libby Cox

L​ibby Cox is an E-RYT 500, a mother of twin boys, an educator and a dedicated student of the body. With degrees in art, dance and education, a 20-year yoga practice, and a penchant for storytelling, Libby’s teaching approach is compassionate, and witty.

Teaching yoga since 2004, Libby has served on faculty in yoga teacher training programs in the US  and abroad since 2010, drawing upon her studies from numerous styles of yoga and teaching approaches in order to meet the needs of yoga students and aspiring teachers alike. Most notable are Libby’s studies with Patty Townsend, Judith Lasater, and Douglas Brooks.

Townsend developed ‘Embodyoga’, an approach to movement steeped in anatomy-driven,  developmental movement principles of Body Mind Centering (BMC). Libby uses these principles to  help students discover and release underlying causes of dysfunctional movement patterns. Libby’s studies with Judith Lasater have given her the skills to work individually with students on shoulder, hip and lower back health. Dr. Douglas Brooks introduced her to Rajanaka Tantra, a body of ideas that emphasize the invaluable education of everyday human experience. Libby works with students, using the vision of yoga philosophy, to help them gain perspective, presence and resilience through life’s joys and challenges. Libby recognizes that to be a knowledgeable instructor one has to understand the world of yoga as a whole and not be closed off to any yoga experience, knowledge or practice. It is through this knowledge, Libby discovered, she stays grounded in her personal practice.

This combination of studies has sustained Libby’s long time love of connecting the exploration of body-mind and breath to invigorating, well-informed creative movement. She also loves the support and inspiration that grows out of being part of a yoga community, and seeks to share her love of yoga as a philosophy that nourishes the capacity for creativity and resilience on life’s paths.

Libby relocated from Austin, Tx to Eugene, Or, in 2015. She is a teacher for Balanced Hot Yoga, and the director of Two Birds Yoga Training. She lived in Austin for the better part of 12 years, and was a teacher trainer and national presenter for Yoga Yoga. She’s also on faculty with Rajanaka Yoga, EveryOne Yoga School, and the Siddhi School of Yoga. Libby also leads retreats and travels with One Yoga Global.