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Emily Vendemmia

Emily is a single mother of two and Co-Founder of True Moon Yoga. She is known for her strength, flexibility and raw teaching style.
Emily found Yoga in 2005 and fell in love with the way that it calls practitioners to grow not only physically stronger but mentally and emotionally as well.

Soon after she began her journey she realized that yoga was the most important thing in her life and wanted to share her passion with others. She completed a 9 week training with Bikram Choudry and Mary Jarvis and was ready to open her first studio in 2007. From the beginning of her teaching career Emily has focused on developing her students’ and teachers’ physical strength as well as growing a supportive and caring community for all.
As her business grew and she opened several studios through the 2010s and continuously evolved her practice and teaching style, she also began to realize that she had allowed herself to be pushed along by the momentum of life, This came sharply into focus after a catastrophic car accident that left her with broken vertebrae and a shattered hand.

Two surgeries, multiple skin grafts and eight pieces of metal later she was recovering and determined to come out stronger than ever. As Emily recovered she incorporated resistance bands into her yoga practice which became the basis for her new direction in fitness training. Through her recovery she realized that she needed to make changes, the structure of the business and an unhealthy marriage were holding her back, draining her physically and emotionally. The process of taking control back and forging a new path cost her dearly, including the business that she had been building for over a decade, but it was worth it because Emily was ready to start True Moon Yoga.

True Moon allowed Emily to start fresh with a renewed focus on building a supportive community where her students and teachers can develop themselves physically and mentally. Calling on her years of research, practice and self-exploration Emily develops myriad yoga-centered classes that go beyond traditional poses to incorporate weights, bands and cardio in ever changing routines that prevent all students from plateauing. Emily and True Moon also offer unique teacher training courses in multiple yoga styles as well as her proprietary classes.