Best Places To Travel Solo Around The Globe in 2019

We mined the inter webs for the best places to travel solo in 2019 and we’re pleased to find that five of the most mentioned destinations are on the One Yoga Global retreat list this year.

There are many benefits of traveling solo with a group of people you’ve never met beginning with getting out of your comfort zone. This opens you up to making new friends, having intriguing conversations, eating new types of food, and experiencing the cultural in ways not possible when with friends and family that know you in real life.

The best part of this kind of solo travel is the transformation. There’s something about being in a new environment without knowing anyone that invites in overwhelming feelings of freedom.

You try things you normally wouldn’t. Let’s call it, returning to your true authentic self, the world traveler with a great sense of humor, zest for life and new experiences, remember?

Location #1 – Italy

If you’ve ever pictured yourself traveling solo, ala Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), Italy is a place straight out of a novel. This destination hits the all the pleasure notes with its delicious food, breath taking views, and ancient culture. See what our Italy itinerary looks like.

Location #2 – Iceland

Talk about living in the moment. We dare you not to pause and contemplate human existence while soaking your body in geothermal hot springs or staring up at the magnificence known as aurora borealis. Visit this Icelandic vortex with us.

Location #3 – Bali

The colors in Bali are seemingly brighter and the experiences feel richer. The people and the food are high vibrational. We’re certain sacred blessings float through the air in Bali to be absorbed by us all. There’s a reason this island off the coast of Indonesia is hot right now but we don’t think our enchantment will ever fade. What do you think of our Bali retreat?

Location #4 –Tulum

Tulum is like a beautiful, hip, super-kind, tan friend, with Caribbean blue eyes whose only goal in life is to create the most amazing day for you. It’s one of the most gorgeous places on planet earth that you can get to quickly, and not pay a fortune for airfare from the United States. What’s even more impressive is when you know all the private, quiet and day dreamy beaches away from tourists are located. Which is where we’re headed.

Location #5 – Ireland

Ahhh, Ireland, a most magical destination. Fairies and folklore live here as do locals with transcending stories and natural wonders of the world. Every setting from the streets of Dublin to the Irish countryside of East Cork feels like a movie set where a mystical experience is just about to happen. This is one destination we sold out fast.

Pack a bag, grab your passport and don’t forget your desire for adventure. If you’re looking to return transformed from a trip, any of the five destinations above will deliver.