Karlan Brodie

Karla is a qualified, skilled and experienced yoga teacher who has taught yoga throughout Auckland and New Zealand for over 20 years. Her offerings are founded in the study of natural movement and somatics, and she is inspired to share the practice and philosophy of yoga in a simple, authentic and self-renewing way.
In 2013 Karla co-founded Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training and the Contemporary Yoga Centre in Remuera, Auckland. Both the training and centre offer an in-depth and accessible approach to yoga teaching and practice. Classes offered at the centre include gentle yoga, restorative, youth yoga, trauma-informed courses, and free wellness classes for people living with cancer and chronic illness. 
Over numerous years as a passionate ‘rester’, Karla in collaboration with her dedicated students has innovated and evolved a unique approach to the practice of restorative yoga. Together with her colleague and friend Neal Ghoshal, Karla also offers restorative yoga teacher training and residential restorative retreats situated in New Zealand’s wild and beautiful landscape. 
Karla began studying with Donna in 2002 and has since assisted on numerous teacher trainings and intensives in New Zealand, Australia and Spain. 
“Your skill intuition and willingness to provide a safe accepting container for yoga practice enables me to continue to Find Myself!” — Deborah Leys 
“Since commencing my practice with you Karla, it has shown me that yoga doesn’t have to be about perfection, but more it is about gently connecting to our wondrous bodies, minds, hearts and souls. I love the whole yoga practice now – all of it, not just the end savasana. “ — Lorraine Downes
“I work as a doctor where many people think of the body as something causing dis-ease, discomfort and concern, or indeed are very disconnected from their bodies. It has been very moving and beautiful to me to hear Karla’s passion in describing our living, functional working bodies.“ — Fiona Gordon
”Karla is an intuitive, honest, attentive, creative, joyful and full of expression – there’s something about her that speaks directly to your insides, and suddenly you realize you have a newfound conversation with your inner world as well. What a gift!“ — Sarah Hart
”Every yoga class with Karla is truly unique. In both restorative and active practice Karla shares her growing wealth of yoga experience in an intuitive, experiential way, bringing yoga into everyday movement and awareness with an inspired sense of curiosity, wonder and play. “ — Suzanne Day