How to Pick the Best Yoga Retreat for Your Style Of Travel and Wellness

Akureyri, Iceland Yoga Retreat 2021 with One Yoga Global.

Since the uncertainty of travel in 2020 and 2021, people are looking forward to getting their wellness travel on.

Yoga retreats have become all the rage the last 5 – 10 years and we believe that they are here to stay. Simply put, people want to feel good in their body and their mind and a yoga retreat, coupled with a beautiful landscape and topped off with a world class retreat leader, delivers. 

With yoga becoming more and more popular, wellness getaways have been popping up around the world to accommodate yoga enthusiasts from all walks of life. 

With so many destinations out there, how do you choose the best yoga retreat for you to put on your future travel list? In this blog post we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing a yoga retreat, from the perspective of a leading yoga retreat travel agency. 

6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Yoga Retreat


1. Consider Your Goals and Lifestyle

Is relaxation your ultimate goal? Connection? Education? Are you more of a lounging beach person or an Icelandic adventurer? Knowing what’s most important to you will help you choose a perfect fit. How many days would you like to be away? Would you prefer gentle yoga or a more strengthening flow?


2. Determine What is Most Important to You in a Yoga Retreat

Choose a retreat that feels like someone designed it just for you. The destination, the yoga retreat leader, the food on the menu, the style of yoga, the activities and the enter vibe. Are you needing a retreat agenda that offers more free time, or one with a full daily schedule so you don’t have to think of what to do next?

3. Compare Prices of the Different Retreats 

What are the costs for participating in the retreat and what is included in that price? Are all meals included or just some? Are activities an extra expense? Is it a cheap quick flight or several legs?


4. Check The Reviews

Look at reviews of the yoga retreat company. What are past retreat attendees saying? These are often your best source for helping in your decision.

5. Find Out What To Expect From Start To Finish

Visit the retreat page to learn full details for pricing, lodging, food, activities, travel time and to learn about the retreat leader. What style of yoga or wellness experiences will be happening? How often? Will you have free time?


6. What About Travel Time

How long will it take to get there from home? Depending on your personal preferences, you may wish to choose a retreat that’s a short flight from home versus trekking on planes, cars and boats to arrive at your destination. Usually longer travel time equals reaching a magnificent destination off the beaten path that not many experience, which is totally worth it. Bringing a friend on retreat when you know the trek is further is a great way to pass the time.


We hope these questions and statements help you get closer to choosing a yoga retreat that’s an obvious YES!

-Team OYG