Tips from 4 of the World’s Top Traveling Yoga Teachers

We asked One Yoga Global retreat leaders for their top tips to feel good mind, body and spirit while traveling all over the world. These tips are all levels friendly and can be done (for the most part) on the sly in between flights at the airport, or even in the sky on your way to your next adventure.


FOR THE BODY Feel good in the body on international flights


Gioconda Parker  ERYT-500, Read More

First, always wear a scarf you can use to tie your legs together. Outer hips and IT bands get tight trying to hold your thighs together, which eventually translates into low back. Tying your legs together, especially on long flights, relieves all that strain.

Second, on long flights I also oil up under my clothes. Flights are SO drying, and the oil on skin is also soothing and helps me sleep.

Third, spritz and moisturize.  I use a rose oil spray on my skin throughout the flight and as a refresher on layovers. I always have lip balm and moisturizer in my carry on or purse and use liberally.

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FOR THE MIND AND BODY Feel good in the air while in your seat or aisle



Alyson Simms  E-RYT 500 and Founder of Atma’s Offerings

Traveling yogi, Alyson Simms, listens to Moby’s playlist called Long Ambients 1: Calm Sleep every single time she flies.

“Seriously, every single time. It’s so soothing and always puts me to sleep. Sometimes I feel like Moby created it just for me! “

“One stretch I always do on long flights is standing pigeon. I usually go to the back of the plane and hold onto a countertop where they keep food and drinks. (Just in case of turbulence) This helps keep the circulation in my legs going and reduces any stiffness I tend to get from sitting. ”

FOR THE MIND Feel good all over in the airport and airplane


Karlie Lemos  E-RYT-500, Read more

“My favorite recording of mantra for support in stressful times is Deva Premal’s, Mantras for Precarious Times.” Says Karlie.

She utilizes chairs and walls as props so she “doesn’t have to be on the disgusting airport floor.” She says, “hips and shoulders are always a big focus to combat the effects of sitting!”

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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Uplifting frequencies for the entire airport


Yogi Mehtab uses sound medicine with his gong at the Los Cabos Airport in 2018 while waiting for the shuttle to Prana del Mar Resort (which is amazing!).

He had enough time to unpack a gong and play to surprised travelers as they exited the terminal. It was not on the sly, but lots of fun.

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Yogi Mehtab Kundalini Yoga Practitioner, Originator and Author of Gong Yoga Read more



#1 What’s your favorite yoga tip for the airplane or airport? Let us know in the comments below.


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