7 Natural Jet Lag Remedies to Restore Your Balance Abroad

On your way to one of our fantastic yoga retreats? You’re going to have an amazing experience, but first, you’ll have to get that jet lag out of the way. We want you soaking up every minute of your wellness retreat. Keep this post handy to use as a resource.

Try these 7 natural jet lag remedies to nip it in the bud and get more out of your adventure!


1. Sip on decaf tea

To power through the airports and get moving for that flight on time, you’ve probably drank your weight in coffee. However, all that caffeine is going to disturb your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Keep things harmonious by choosing a nice decaffeinated herbal tea. The soothing herbs will help you relax while adding more hydration, something you most definitely need on those long flights.

2. Look to the sun

Pick your plane seat according to the sun and the direction you’re flying. This seat placement hack will help you thwart jet lag. When heading west, seek out the morning sun in a window seat while avoiding sun later in the day in an aisle seat. Heading east? Then you’ll want to seek that afternoon sun in an aisle seat instead.

3. Pack melatonin supplements

Melatonin is a hormone our bodies make naturally which helps us regulate sleep cycles. As you travel through time zones, it can be hard for your body to adjust. Taking melatonin is a natural way to supplement what’s missing and help you kick jet lag to the curb.

4. Make your meals count

Now is not the time to ignore your nutritional needs. Experts suggest eating smaller meals with a balance of protein, complex carbs, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Plenty of water is important too. You should try to curb your intake of caffeine and alcohol if you feel the symptoms of jet lag or it will only get worse.

5. Try some aromatherapy on the go

They say scents can make a difference in how you feel. Lavender essential oil is well-known for its soothing properties that help keep you calm. It also helps improve the quality of sleep. Grab a roll-on tube of it so you can apply it as needed wherever you are. We love a high quality, natural essential oil that is safe for skin.

6. Go for green juice

Another great thing to try to banish those jet lag blues is a green juice. This is a perfect solution when you’re not feeling up to eating but know you need nourishment. Green juices will make your yoga retreat even more refreshing and will help you power up fast! Celery, cucumber, kale, and spinach can all be juiced separately or together.

7. Get moving

Blood flow and circulation are critical for feeling better with jet lag. On the plane, make sure you get up and stretch your legs at certain intervals. This will help keep you from feeling blah once you arrive. See our blog post on yoga you can do while on international flights. 

And of course, once you’ve arrived for your yoga retreat, you’ll find replenishing activities that will bring you balance again. Use the above tips to help minimize those pesky jet lag problems and perhaps even avoid them altogether!

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