6 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Next Yoga Retreat

There are many kinds of yoga retreats in destinations all over the world. You’ll want to find the one that fits you best.

Now more than ever, you might be ready to hop on a plane and experience a week of wellness in an exotic destination. Before you say yes to the first getaway you find in your google search, you’ll want to find out specific information about the trip. This post is meant to be a helpful resource you can refer to during your booking experience. Having the answers to the questions below is the difference between feeling like your getaway was designed just for you and wishing you would have just stayed home. 

Ask these 6 questions before you book your next yoga retreat.



1. How many guests are attending?

Maybe you’re the kind of person that loves meeting lots of new people. Or you could be one that would rather keep groups smaller and more intimate. Ask your host how many people are expected to be in the retreat total. Additionally, bunking up may be necessary. If you’re not keen on sharing a room with someone you just met, you should see what other options are available to you. You could invite a friend or partner you enjoy traveling with and let the host know you’d like to share a room. Many retreats offer single room accommodations which are perfect for those personalities that desire extra alone time to recharge. Don’t rule out group retreats even if your more of an introvert. Certain retreat itineraries have large windows of down time during the day for you to be solo.




2. What’s included for the cost?

A yoga retreat is just like any vacation in that you’ll want to know how much things are before you go. Is there a deposit? Do they offer a payment plan? Find out what is included in your retreat so that you can plan and budget for any extras along the way. Depending on where you travel, there may be many opportunities for additional purchases of food, spa services, transportation, and adventure activities. It is important to know what you’ll be responsible for paying. You’ll also want to ask about bringing cash and currency exchange. Some places don’t accept traveler’s checks or certain credit cards. Your retreat host will be able to give you all these details with ample time to prepare.

BONUS TIP: Ask about trip insurance.



3. What’s on the itinerary?

Some people love a schedule full of adventure activities such as zip lining, hiking waterfalls and horseback riding. Others want less movement and more time to lounge on the beach in contemplation in between yoga classes. Choose a yoga retreat that has your ideal experience. Ask the host if this is a relaxed schedule where classes and experiences are optional or if it’s the other way around. Pair your personality, desires and self care needs with a yoga retreat itinerary that’s feels good when you read it.



4. What’s the style of yoga?

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. There are many ways to practice. Ask what style of yoga the retreat leader practices. Find out if this is an all levels friendly yoga retreat. This means that even if you’re completely new to yoga and certain wellness practices, you’ll have a wonderful time and not feel like anything is too advanced for you. This is the case with all One Yoga Global retreats. Always choose the yoga retreat style that speaks to your comfort level and curiosity.


5. What kind of food will there be?

This is an especially important question if you have dietary restrictions. Aside from that you’ll want to know if the food being served is appealing to you. If you love the idea of enjoying handmade pasta and a glass of wine, search for yoga retreats in Italy. If you want to experience a plant based menu, search for yoga retreats in locations known for fresh produce like Costa Rica. 


6. Who is the teacher leading the retreat?

Look for the bio of the yoga teacher leading the retreat. Is this someone you can see spending the week with in another country? An experienced yoga retreat company with an excellent reputation knows the importance of choosing yoga teachers who would be excellent retreat leaders. For example, at One Yoga Global, our founder, Laura, hand picks seasoned yoga teachers who are the best in the world at leading retreats. Doing this ensures a high quality yoga retreat experience for all involved. Ask the yoga retreat company how they choose their teachers and find out if the one leading the retreat you’re interested in has been to the destination before.


These questions are designed to give you ample information to make an educated decision on what yoga retreat to go on next. We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions about going on your first or tenth yoga retreat, we’re here for you. Follow us on instagram @oneyogaglobal and sign up for our twice monthly newsletter filled with amazing wellness retreats all around the world. 

Namaste from your friends at One Yoga Global

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