Yoga for the Capricorn Full Moon June 24, 2021

This has been a Guest Post by Emily Ridout, AstroYoga Specialist, Yoga and Astrology Teacher

June 24 marks the full moon in Capricorn. 

Full moons are moments of emotional and energetic release, as well as moments where previous cycles reach fulfillment. During full moons, what has been building in your life may come to fruition, and what is ready to release may find its way out. 

During the Capricorn full moon, the themes of release and fulfillment are likely to relate to issues surrounding work and home; nurture and nature; building your outer life and building your inner life. 


These themes emerge because the full moon in Capricorn sits opposite the sun in Cancer. 

Capricorn is an earth sign ruling how we build things in life, career, and business, whereas Cancer is a water sign ruling how we build and nurture life itself, our homes, and our inner states. These signs also rule a specific place in your personal chart, which is distinct to each individual.

For everybody, take particular note of any emotions that feel ready to release at this full moon time, or any dreams (including daydreams!) that pop up and come into play. This will give you clues into how this moon will create fulfillment and release in your own life.

This full moon forms a favorable aspect with retrograding Jupiter, forming a trine (highly beneficial aspect) to the sun and a sextile (beneficial aspect) to the moon. Jupiter rules expansion and has highly beneficial energy, and when Jupiter retrogrades, this energy is turned inward on itself. 


What this Jupiter-full moon aspect means is that this full moon is a time rife with potential for inner expansion.

The things you’ve desired to build in your life might begin to find their footing around the time of this moon. Alternatively, if you’ve been sending your energy to projects you don’t truly care about, this is a good time to release them in favor of building something that you do care about. 

With retrograding Jupiter in the mix, the potential for inner expansion and true alignment with yourself and the cosmos is possible. When you’re aligned, things flow more easily, so this moon has some powerful energy to draw good into your life as well as release what isn’t meant for you. 


Here is a brief practice to do surrounding the full moon in Capricorn:


Chair Pose/Utkatasana


Goddess Pose/Durgasana


Side Lunge/Skandasana


Low Lunge/Anjaneyasana


Half Split/Ardha Hanumanasana

Head to Knee Pose/Janusirsasana

Final Resting Pose/Savasana

This has been a Guest Post by Emily Ridout, AstroYoga Specialist, Yoga and Astrology Teacher