Kathy Parsons

Kathy is a Toronto-based yoga teacher and meditation guide who specializes in helping people connect to themselves through movement and breath.

Kathy’s teaching specialty is vinyasa flow, and her classes incorporate creative movements that strengthen and lengthen the body while staying connected to the breath. She also teaches pranayama (breathing exercises), moving meditation, restorative and yin yoga and mindfulness meditation. Classes are tailored to the students and include gentle hands-on adjustments and assists, inspirational music and an aromatherapy savasana massage.

Kathy received her teaching with Vikasa Yoga in Thailand and has over 400 hours of additional training and continuing education in yoga related skills and practices. She is a graduate of the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program from the Palouse Institute and is currently working towards completing the University of Toronto’s Applied Mindfulness Certificate. 

When Kathy is not leading classes, she is hosting Movement & Meditation Workshops across the city, and hosting retreats around the world. She has been on over 25 international health retreats over the years (a self-proclaimed ‘retreat addict’) and this trip to Iceland will be her 17th time leading an amazing destination retreat.

I’ve practiced various styles of yoga for about 13 years, but Kathy is the first teacher who ever made yoga personal for me. For the first time, I experienced the connection of mind, body, breath, and spirit, and it changed the way I view yoga forever. Kathy is so much fun, funny, and friendly in class, and at the same time, teaches in a very loving way
– Elizabeth, NYC

“Kathy has a very balanced and well rounded approach to yoga which can benefit anyone regardless of experience or fitness level. Her humour and relaxed approach creates a very comfortable atmosphere while her experience and knowledge of yoga helps each of her students grow and improve.
-Peter, Germany