Yoga Teacher Erika Kluthe
Erika Kluthe
Erika Kluthe is a full time yoga teacher where she works as a yoga therapist both publicly and privately. She holds advanced training hours in the Pranamaya Kosha (energetic sheath) or energy body, most specifically the chakras. She teaches a form of rigorous alignment-based vinyasa with an emphasis on the energy-body: opening the body into shapes that strengthen not only the gross or physical body, but also a particular chakra or area of energetic and psychological concentration within the energy body. Her style is creative, fun, soulful, yet light-hearted. She is also fond of surprises, creative forms of dharana (single-pointed focus)/meditation, & giving away colorful river rocks. In fact, some have described her as “The Rock Painter” and her classes as, “Erika Church,” as her passion for the spiritual elements within the practice are evident.