Yoga Teacher Jenn Wooten

Dawnbee Kim-Fair

Dawnbee (she / they) first fell in love with yoga when she came to the practice as a way to move the body mindfully. After years of seeing movement as punishment, yoga offered the support and space to look inwards; to approach movement as a way to listen to the deep knowings of their mind, body, heart and soul. Dawnbee then went on to complete a 200 hour training in 2021 with the sole intention of deepening their practice. By the end of the training, she realized that she often didn’t fit into the molds of a yogi in Western society. This ignited her mission to create safe, inclusive and accessible spaces for every body to experience the benefits of a yoga practice, and led her to open her own business, Sweet Rain Healing.  With this mission of inclusivity and diversity in mind, Dawnbee is currently taking a second 200 hour training, based in anti-racism, disability justice, social justice and trauma-informed care.

Dawnbee is also a Reiki Energy Healer. Her early education was rooted in the medical field, but that path didn’t align with her divine purpose. After feeling defeated that her healer days were over, Dawnbee soon realized she actually could continue to offer healing to the community; through energetic and spiritual modalities like Reiki. She completed a Healer training in 2022 and became a certified Breathwork and Reiki I and II practitioner.

Dawnbee’s style has been known to ignite passion in her students to carry on with their work off the mat. She offers a range of calming and  intuitive classes, has worked with many demographics, and provides a nurturing and authentic energy to all who choose to work with her.