Where To Travel To Heal With The Elements In 2022

Have you been craving a break from your routine, a chance to de-stress from the chaos of life, or the opportunity to immerse in the beautiful lap of mother nature?


The Replenish The Flow yoga retreat may be for you.


In this transformational retreat, we will work with the power of elemental healing using therapeutic Hatha Yoga, meditation, rest, exciting outdoor activities, and sacred ceremonies to engage all of our senses in this healing process.


The Nourishing Power of the Elements


Our modern lifestyles have caused us to become so disconnected from nature and the rhythm of life. That is why it is more important than ever to take time out of the year to immerse into nature and reconnect with this natural energetic flow.

The power of the elements of earth, water, fire, and air are both around us in nature and within us in our first four chakras. By harmonizing this connection, we can unite the energies within ourselves and around us into a beautiful whole.

In this upcoming Guatemala yoga retreat in May 2022, we will connect with all of the elements by walking among the natural vibrations of the earth, swimming in the gorgeous waters of Lake Atitlan, viewing the fiery sunsets and volcanoes of this region, and practicing yoga in a beautiful open-air studio.

Lake Atitlan: The Core Power of the Earth

The locals of the Lake Atitlan, Guatemala area, refer to this place as “the belly button of the Earth” because of its unique energetic qualities. In yoga, the core region around the belly button is known as your third chakra, or the place where your inner confidence, discernment, and sense of self arises from.

By combining the powerful work of yoga with the healing energy of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, we can supercharge the healing benefits of this yoga retreat and move deeper inwards than ever before. We love Guatemala because it has a rich culture, sacred traditions, and a land filled with a unique vibrational energy that cannot be found anywhere else.

Why Join a Yoga Retreat in 2022?

After the stress and chaos of the last two years going through the pandemic, we need time to rest and restore more than ever before. Our upcoming yoga retreat will combine daily yoga classes and workshops with healing foods and sacred Mayan ceremonies to cultivate a complete body, mind, and soul reset.

The yoga classes led by our guide Jessica Goulding will focus on a combination of Hatha Yoga based on yoga therapy methods and alignment-based Anusara Yoga to help heal every layer of your inner and outer being. Together, we will both strengthen and relax to create ultimate balance in our lives.

Let’s Harmonize Together at the Guatemala Yoga Retreat 2022

In this spiritually grounded yoga retreat in 2022, we will come together for sacred ceremonies, fresh healing foods, and therapeutic Hatha Yoga for a completely transformational experience. Sign up today to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!