Tuscany, Italy – 8 Fun Facts About Italy’s Most Gorgeous Region

“Life offers you a thousand chances… all you have to do is take just one”

― Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun


It’s rare we fall in love on the spot with accommodations, but everything about Tuscany has us swooning.

Here are 8 fun facts we found out about Tuscany since having our retreat there in 2018. Keep reading below to see our upcoming retreat in October of 2019!


#1 Tuscany was the trendsetter for pavements in Europe.

In 1339 Tuscany made the decision to pave their roads, and this innovative measure was then taken all over Europe, making the cities more accessible and bringing an exciting new level of prestige to Europe.

#2 There is no legal drinking age in Tuscany.

A young person of any age can legally consume alcohol. However, a person must be at least 16 years old to be served alcohol in a bar or a restaurant.


#3 Tuscany is where the Italian language was born.

The official Italian language spoken today is based on the Tuscan dialect that dates back to the Renaissance period.

#4 The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only leaning tower.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans because it was built on unstable marshland and it weighs almost 15,000 tonnes. However, there are other towers than lean in the area, including the bell towers at the church of St. Nicola and the church of St. Michele deiScalzi.


#5 Some of the most precious artwork ever created came from Tuscany, and many others are housed here.

Just a few of the artists’ work you can expect to find in Tuscany include Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”. That’s not to mention the mighty architectural masterpieces that add to the cultural significance.


#6 This region was the birthplace of the western musical tradition.

In Florence in the mid-16th century, the Florentine Camerata (a group of poets, musicians and intellectuals) got together and started experimenting with putting ancient Greek myths to music on the stage. This was the origin of the very first operas, which lead to early classical forms such as the symphony.


#7 Many Celebrities who live in Tuscany

Some of the famous people who own property in Tuscany include musician Sting, fashion designer Giorgio Armani, opera star Andrea Bocelli, author Francis Mayes, actor Richard Gere and actor Antonio Banderas. These are just a few interesting facts about this beautiful region of Italy, so that you can be well informed when you are visiting Tuscany.


#8 The food in Tuscany is often named as the best in the whole of Italy.

The nutrient-rich soil means that the produce thrives and grows with intense flavors that are reflected in their dishes. Their olive groves, cheeses and cured hams are just a few of their famed dishes, which you should certainly take fora taste test whilst on holiday in Tuscany!

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Close to Florence and Pisa but without the crowds of tourists, Lucca has an amazing charm, with cobblestone streets, amazing architecture, cathedrals and, of course, spectacular restaurants and shops.”

– Laura Forsyth, Founder One Yoga Global



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