The 7 Most Instagram Worthy Spots In Iceland (And None Of Them Are In Reykjavik)

Scour the internet for where to go in Iceland and 9 out of 10 times the city of Reykjavik will show up. We’re telling you from experience, if you only go to Reykjavik, you’ll miss out on the majority of the magic that this country has to offer.

If you love the idea of standing present in a location with complete awe and appreciation without being in a crowd, we wrote this post for you.

Let us introduce you to North Iceland, our favorite features, towns and even an island in the fjord just a few degrees from the Arctic circle. Akureyri (population 18,000) is the perfect homebase for your explorations.


#1 Hrisey Island

Take a ferry from Akureyri and go North in the fjord to Hrisey Island (population 100-150), considered one of the “Power” places in Iceland. This can’t be easily explained, so we’ll offer some moments of pause to sit and feel this special planetary vortex energy. Did we mention that puffin migration sometimes brings them to this island? At the right time, you might be the first of your friends to post a selfie with a puffin.


#2 Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing in the winter can offer access to many panoramic picturesque views above the the fjord for great pictures in your stylish snowshoes. Akureyri is also the ONLY place in Iceland where there are ski slopes.

#3 The Lunar landscapes

Did you know that the astronauts trained in the the Myvatn region of North Iceland for the first lunar landing in the 60’s?!?  Practice your faux zero gravity jumps with this setting in the background and you’ll look like you’re on another planet.


#4 The Northern Lights

Does this colorful phenomenon need an explanation as to why it belongs on your Instagram Feed?



#5 In a boat next cruising beside humpback whales who love to photobomb

They’re happy as long as you remember to tag them in the post. (Many species live year round in the Akureyri fjord.)


#6 Sitting in a large natural pool of geothermal waters bubbling from mother earth herself. 


The steam ads for special background effects…no filter required.   Our favorites are the Nature Baths in Myvatn and the GeoSea in Husavik.

#7 Heart shaped stop lights!

This exists only in Akureyri…. And when we asked “why are your stop lights shaped like hearts” the answer:  “why aren’t yours?”


Want to see all 7 of these in 2020? 

We’re headed to Akureyri five times this year on retreats all with their own unique itineraries. Choose the season you enjoy most and match it with one of our Akureyri, Iceland retreats.

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