Must Have Accessories To Make Your International Flight More Comfortable


After many trips around the world and countless international flights to places like Iceland, Bali and Thailand, Founder of One Yoga Global, Laura Forsyth, shares her favorite gear to bring on the plane and travel in comfort.

I love visiting new places… but, I do not love the airports and airplanes.

Over the years I’ve found ways to make it fun, and I’ve learned some interesting and strange ways to add a little ease (especially on those long international hauls in uncomfortable seats).

Here’s what I bring to stay comfortable on long international flights when I’m leading retreats around the globe. 


…  the night before, the day of, and on the plane. Consider adding electrolytes. I always travel with a metal bottle that I can fill up and I always travel with high food grade lemon essential oil*. I like DoTerra.  A couple drops in the water keeps the bottle clean and your water delish. My favorite travel bottle is the Hydroflask 21 oz.  It’s s little heavy, but it will keep cold beverages cold, and hot beverages hot … ALL DAY and sometimes even into the next day.
This bottle has been around the planet several times… it’s taken a beating and still going strong.  I added the sticker 🙂*Note:  only use essential oils in glass or metal bottles*



Airplanes are DRY. Like super dry. I always travel with a little Evian spray or face spray to spritz several times during flight.  I like to breathe in the Evian mist to hydrate the nostrils. I also bring a saline nose spray for the super long flights. It’s been suggested to me recently to put some natural oil just inside the nostrils. I’m totally going to try this!


I always try to get in a nap (short or long) – but being tall (and human) makes that hard on planes without experiencing neck strain. I’ve tried all the crescent and cylindrical shaped pillows you can buy – they’re all crappy in my opinion. I have a neck Trtl scarf that is pretty OK, so it makes it in the bag, but my current favorite accessory are inflatable therapy balls!  Many yoga teachers have been using these in yoga trainings the last decade or so and some have even branded their own, but they are basically kids “Gertie” balls. They come in a couple different sizes. I bring a bigger one and a medium one.

Here’s why they are awesome: they can be deflated and easily carried in your smaller carry on bag (WAY smaller than neck pillows). You can bring more than one and inflate for various uses. They are NOT slippery, so they stay in place well. I can’t even count the number of times the airplane pillow has slipped away into the next row.

My favorite uses for the Gertie balls:

Place one between your head and the window for window sleeping.

Nudge one between your ear and shoulder for cushion

Lightly inflate and place in the lumbar or mid back to keep your spine from being in a collapsed position for hours on end.

If you’re tall like me, the armrest is actually too far from my shoulder and creates strain in my shoulder.  Put a Gertie under your elbow for a nice lift and cushion.


Neck support! (see #3 above).

Eye cover, of course.

Ear plugs (I like the blue Xtreme Hearos).

When I’m ready to snooze, I put a large cotton scarf over my head and face and arms.  I look ridiculous, but it’s enough to add a little warmth and keep some of the moisture of my own exhales recirculating (see #2 above). Plus a little barrier for other people’s germs is welcomed.

My big splurge was actually a gift form one of my teachers.  I now travel with Bose Sound cancelling bluetooth enabled headphones.  If you’ve never experienced these – WOW. It’s strange and amazing. They come with their own case and a cord that you can use to plug into the movies on the plane and actually hear the dialog because the external noise is reduced significantly.

My list is ever growing and evolving!


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