Magical Energy Awaits You In Ireland During This 2022 Yoga Retreat

Ballymaloe House, nestled near the Ballycotton Cliffside, sits surrounded by lush greenery in the Ireland countryside. Take a step into nature and tranquility by spending a week at this luxurious retreat. Surround yourself with gardens, the farm, and award-winning fresh farm to table food.

Be one with mother earth by immersing yourself into a relaxed environment supplemented with exploration, new friends, and leisurely strolls. Take your spiritual journey to the next level during our Ireland yoga retreats 2022. Below, you’ll find details on what you can expect when choosing this yoga retreat.


One Yoga Global Ireland Yoga Retreat 2022 Itinerary


Daily Activities

Each day, you’ll be treated to meals served at Ballymaloe House followed by yoga led by Jenn or Gioconda. Our carefully curated activities will leave you feeling nourished, replenished, and ready to take on the world. We leave you space to create your trip as you envision it, allowing for plenty of time to soak in the surroundings by sipping a cup of tea in the conservatory, strolling through the gardens, walking alongside the sea, or simply enjoying your time in the drawing room.

Tour Ballymaloe House

Start your journey with a tour of the picturesque Ballymaloe House. This stunning location was initially a castle and allows each visitor to feel as if they’re living the royal, lush lifestyle. When winding your way through the house, take note of the Ballymaloe Shop which offers Irish goods for purchase.

Visit Blarney Castle in Cork

Wellness retreats in 2022 include a full day in Cork visiting the infamous Blarney Castle. This mystical location offers stunning gardens to foray through, the magical Blarney stone, wishing steps, and the Stone of Eloquence. The otherworldly experience is supplemented with exploration of the beautiful Cork City and rounded out with a delightful dinner.

Picturesque Ballycotton Cliff Walk with Picnic

Explore the magnificent cliff area featuring stunning views of the countryside via a relaxing stroll. You’ll be pulled into the breathtaking beauty of the area. With the sound of the water lapping nearby the cliffside, enjoy a picnic at this idyllic spot to take in your surroundings fully.

Learn at Ballymaloe Cookery School

Opt in to this activity to learn from some of the best chefs. Get an inside view into what it takes to be a chef here at the house. You’ll see how the chefs prep and create each stunning dish that is served to the residents and visitors of the house.

Daily Meals at One of Ireland’s Best Restaurants

Each day, you’ll be served a different meal at Ballymaloe Grainstore and House using items grown in the gardens, locally sourced, and pulled in from the daily boat drop. With an everchanging menu, you’ll be delighted by the delectable cuisine offered throughout the day.

Staying At Famous Ballymaloe House

Step into the elegant, tastefully decorated rooms and suites at Ballymaloe House. Each individual room boasts stunning artwork created by Irish artisans. Relax in a lavish bath in your cozy personal bathroom after a day of exploration.

To schedule your yoga Ireland retreat to the stunning countryside, check out this link: Ireland with Jenn and Gioconda. Beautiful cliffside views, gardens, and relaxing adventures await you at this castle retreat.

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