Laurel Attansio

Laurel Attanasio is a yoga gypsy who loves exploring land and sea. She has always had the travel bug, but only fell in love with yoga 18 years ago. After completing her Master’s Degree in Business, while working full-time, she knew she needed a shift mentally and physically. At that point, she stepped into a yoga class and onto her mat; yoga changed her life forever. Within a year, she completed her 200 hour training and then within another she left her job to pursue a career in yoga. Shortly after, she completed an additional 300 hours of training. As she began to grow her yoga business, her passion for yoga and travel began to blend together. She wanted to give her students an opportunity to live their yoga off the mat and all around the world. She feels there is no better way to live your yoga than to explore the world and become one with your surroundings. When she is not home in the Northeast of the US, her love for travel and adventure keeps her teaching yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, running, tasting healthy vegan food and sipping wine and cocktails all over the globe. She loves helping others seek the beauty within and the beauty throughout the world. To learn more about Laurel, please visit her site,