Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Is A Destination That Delivers Culture, Healing and Beauty

Lake Atitlan at night – taken by One Yoga Global during a 2021 retreat.

Have you ever craved a deeper experience of a location’s land and culture when you travel? There is one location we visit regularly that delivers in the rich cultural experience department with a dash of mystical. Near the equator in Guatemala, you’ll find Lake Atitlan. It’s referred to as “The land of the eternal spring” given its location near the equator lending to its year round perfect temperatures. 

At 1120 feet, Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in all of Central America and is surrounded by three dormant volcanoes. Not too long ago, Archaeological sites with Mayan structures and religious monuments were found at the bottom of the lake.

While standing at the water’s edge, you can feel the magic that has been compounding for many thousands of years. Stories from elder’s passed dance in the wind. It’s as if the lake has been waiting for you to arrive. 

Here are a few things not to miss out on when you visit Lake Atitlan


The dock across from One Yoga Global’s retreat accommodations.


1. Water Activities

Referred to as ‘the belly button of the earth’ you have options for swimming, kayaking, diving and waterskiing on Lake Atitlan. 



2. A shopping excursion to Panajachel

Connect with local artisans, support the community and bring home unique goods you can’t find anywhere else. 


3. Hike the San Pedro Volcano

Imagine being able to talk about hiking up a volcano in Central America with your friends and family over dinner once you return. You’ll see beautiful tropical foliage along the way up. Be sure and have room on your camera storage.

Ceremony during a One Yoga Global retreat on Lake Atitlan.

One Yoga Global retreat accommodations in Lake Atitlan.


4. Deep Healing

It’s no secret that Lake Atitlan is known for its healing energy. Practicing yoga, breathwork and sacred Mayan ceremonies that are designed to restore your well being will take your vacation to a whole new level. Here are two yoga retreats in 2022 in Lake Atitlan that incorporate healing, culture and more.

Yoga during One Yoga Global’s retreat to Lake Atitlan 2021.


One thing is for sure, you will return from Lake Atitlan with tales of adventure to share and memories that will stay with you forever. The deep caldera walls of the lake form a powerful inverse vortex to the volcanic mountains and ridges above, creating powerful energies and striking natural beauty in this play of opposites.

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