Find Your Peace At Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Picture taken of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala while on a wellness retreat November 2021.


Set on the banks of the stunning Lake Atitlan, which glistens in the sun, you’ll find the beginning of your journey into spiritual wellness. This lake was created by a volcano’s collapse, giving way to the incredibly tranquil Lago de Atitlan that sits there now.

Like the lake, you’ll leave this yoga retreat feeling as if you’ve morphed into a new version of yourself. Below, you’ll find a snippet of what you can expect on our yoga retreats (2022) to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


One Yoga Global Yoga Retreats 2022 Itinerary in Guatemala


Daily Activities:

Find your connection with mother earth by participating in daily activities, from peaceful yoga classes led by Jess, our talented yoga teacher, to swimming in the glimmering Lake Atitlan, breathtaking sunset viewings, and a Mayan Fire Ceremony. We allow you to dive deeper into yourself by facilitating outdoor adventure.

Each activity is specially curated to bring you closer to nature as your worries and stress from day-to-day life slip further away each day.

Yoga retreat leader, Jess Goulding in the yoga studio on Lake Atitlan.


Hiking the San Pedro Volcano:

Challenge yourself with a hike up the San Pedro Volcano, leading to unrivaled views from above accented by lush greenery. While the climb may be considered on the steeper side, it is only about four miles by foot. You’ll find this addition to your activity an unexpected way to add a new perspective to your trip.


Climbing El Pico Del Cielo:

Take the road less traveled by climbing El Pico Del Cielo (The Peak of The Sky). While more challenging than the hike up San Pedro Volcano, this stunning climb is also more rewarding. You’ll feel as if you’re floating amongst the clouds at the top of the climb while peering at majestic horizons. This is truly an unforgettable outdoor experience, which offers views of the sparkling lake below.


Visiting Nearby Villages (Santiago, San Juan, Santa Catarina, San Antonio):

Explore the nearby villages through guided tours that offer insight and education on each area’s local traditions, history, and culture. Meet the locals while traveling around the picturesque cobblestone roads that lead between the brightly colored buildings.


Mayan Fire Ceremony:

The Mayan Fire Ceremony is touted as the trip’s highlight and offers a chance for renewal and boosts intentions for the future. The ceremony, lasting for a few hours, is performed by a Mayan shaman allowing for your positive intentions to stay with you long after the ceremony.

Paddle boards on the dock that faces the volcanoes in Lake Atitlan.


Nourishing Food:

We fuel your soul and body by providing high-quality, satisfying vegetarian meals each day of the Villa Sumaya retreat. Our food focus is providing nourishing meals that heal with local produce and vegetarian sources of protein.

A room at Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan.


Beautiful Accommodations:

Whether you opt for a bungalow or a suite at Villa Sumaya Retreat Center, each provides its own luxury experience. In between expeditions and explorations, relax in your accommodations with panoramic views of the area. Continue your yoga practice here, or simply rest from the excitement of the trip after enjoying spa services.

Each activity and event is carefully curated with the first four chakras and the elements of earth, fire, water, and air in mind for optimal rejuvenating holistic practices.

To book your wellness retreats in 2022 to the breathtaking destination of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, check out this link: Lake Atitlan Yoga Retreats. We can’t wait to see you there!