Favorite Jet Lag Remedies And Strategies from Yoga Teachers (Part 1)

Feel your best before, during and after traveling across time zones 

If there’s one thing yoga teachers that lead retreats with One Yoga Global have in common, it’s international travel hacks. Added to the list of their yoga certifications and conscious accomplishments are their best strategies to cure jet lag.


Here’s how some of the world’s top yoga teachers cure jet lag


 Jet Lag Remedies from Libby Cox

A week before the trip

I usually start a digestive cleansing regiment at least one week before the trip, including decrease in caffeine and plenty of water, as well as any favorite immune-strengthening supplement, which can be as simple as vitamin c, or elderberry.

On the flight

I try to eat sparingly during the flight, and for each hour in flight, I spend a least 5-10 minutes near the restroom area, stretching my peck muscles, neck and psoas muscles and doing side body stretches.

When I land

On arrival, I try to stay awake until the current time zone would naturally go to sleep, and then I limit / cease screen time and spend as much time as possible out in the natural environment, making sure to observe sunset and/or sunrise, so that I have that visceral connection to nature. I try to use natural light in the room, and avoid looking at a screen at night, and will often try for black out in the room from 10pm to 6am. Pranayama with emphasis on lengthened exhale. Guided body scan recordings.

The next day

On Day #2, I plan a nap or yoga nidra mid-day.

Libby Cox is an artist and dancer whose love for the human form and movement brought her to a Hatha Yoga practice in 2000. She integrates many different teachings in her yoga instruction and considers herself a life long student, encouraging her students to do the same. Libby is an E-RYT 500 with close to 15 years of teaching experience.

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Jet Lag Remedies from Laurel Attanasio


I never leave home without electrolytes! I drink a ton of water before, during and after the flight. I add the electrolytes during the flight and after.


For red eyes, I download sleep music from Spotify for the flight. I wear a big scarf on the plane to cover myself with to avoid using airplane blankets. I never leave home without my eye mask.


When I arrive, I move, hike, walk, yoga, etc!! I try my best not sleep until night time so that I get acclimated to my travel destinations time. But, allow myself to sleep in the next day a bit to make up for any loss of sleep due to travel. My watch gets turned to my new time while on the flight.


B12 is one my favorite travel supplements to help increase my energy.

Relaxing on the plane

For red eyes, I download sleep music from Spotify for the flight. I wear a big scarf on the plane to cover myself with to avoid using airplane blankets. I never leave home without my eye mask.

Laurel holds a Masters Degree in Business, is certified at the 500 hour level of training in yoga (RYT-500), and has additional certifications in pilates Mat and Stand Up Paddle Board. She began her journey over 13 years ago when she exited her full time job and began pursuing personal yoga studies … and she has not looked back.

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Jet Lag Remedies from Jenn Wooten

Sleep Strategy

As soon as I get in the plane I set my clock to the place I’m arriving (or use the world clock on my phone). Once the sun is setting where I’m going I’ll dose myself with 10 mg melatonin and put on my favorite Bedtime Bliss sleeping mask to block the light. Once the sun is up where I’m going, I ditch the mask and open the window for morning light. I repeat for the next 24 hours…..melatonin at night and morning light (no black our curtains).

Digestion Strategy

If it’s less than a 12 hour flight, I’ll fast by taking collagen powder protein (you can use any travel protein powder). Digestion is made barely functional by super high altitudes and airplane food is notoriously inedible. Eating in flight can make you bloated and uncomfortable, but also more tired once you land as your digestive metabolism tries to come back online.

Jenn has been teaching yoga for close to 15 years. She has an academic background in anatomy and physiology which informs her understanding of alignment and yoga as a therapeutic tool. Her gift as a teacher is her ability to connect somatically and emotionally with her students to connect with the wisdom of their own bodies. 

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