Guatemala Sacred Women’s Retreat
with Dr. Deb Kern

October 25- November 1, 2025


When a woman has owned her passionate nature, allowing love to flood her heart, her thoughts grow wild and fierce and beautiful. Her juices flow. Her heart expands. She has thrown off crutch and compromise. She has glimpsed the enchanted kingdom, the vast and magical realms of the Goddess within her. Here, all things are transformed. And there is a purpose to this: that the world might be mothered back to a great and glorious state. When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.  Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth

The time is now…
This is a call for every woman to love, honor and express her true self.

Join Dr. Deb Kern for a sacred pilgrimage to a magical, Mayan retreat center on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala where you’ll be soothed by the tranquility of the water, held by the strength of the volcano, enticed by the sweetness of the flowers, and awakened by the wildness of the jungle.

Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America, is often called the belly button of the Earth.  It is here, held by the energies of the Divine Feminine, that you’ll journey back to your true essence through dance, yoga, meditation, journaling, quiet time, nourishing food, sacred ceremony and supportive sisterhood.

Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Vacation Details
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016

The world needs you to shine your light as the person you were born to be.

This retreat will help you:
* Remember your true nature
* Rediscover your unique gifts
* Reclaim comfort, ease and grace in your body
* Release the past in order to create the life you desire

You’ll feel like yourself again.

Free from self-limiting ideas of what you ‘should’ be doing and who you ‘should be,’ you’ll be filled with energy and clarity to create the life you desire.

Arrivals:  Saturday, October 29th
6:30-7:30pm: Dinner
Opening gathering may be before or after dinner depending on arrival times.

Sample Daily Schedule (subject to change)
8:30-9:30am:  Breakfast
10:00am-12:30pm: PranaShakti Dance + Wisdom Teachings
1pm-3:30 pm:  Lunch and time to rest
4:00pm Afternoon Session
6:30-7:30pm: Dinner
7:30 pm Evening Ceremony or Free Time

This retreat is for women only. All ages and movement levels are welcome.

Travel, Additional Information & FAQ’s

Villa Sumaya is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan near the village of Santa Cruz la Laguna.

Please plan your flights to arrive in and depart from Guatemala City. We will collect your flight details and group you together to share private shuttles to Panajachel. From Panajachel, you will take a short boat ride to the Villa Sumaya Dock. The shuttle and boat ride will be booked for us by Villa Sumaya. Please budget $50 each way for this service. (This may be less or slightly more depending on how many share your shuttle bus).

Taking into account the travel time to and from the center, we suggest arrivals times morning to early afternoon, and departures after 12 noon.

A special message of advice from Deb:

“Since it’s a 3++ hour car ride and a 20 minute boat ride from Guatemala City to Villa Sumaya, if you have the option, you might consider arriving one day early and staying at the Barcelo Hotel near the airport in Guatemala City.  That way you can wake up on the day the retreat begins, take a morning car/boat ride and feel more rested when you arrive at Villa Sumaya.  Barcelo is just a short taxi ride from the Airport and Villa Sumaya will pick you up directly from the Barcelo. If you can’t arrive a day early, don’t worry! I just know that if I had the opportunity to arrive a day early, I would definitely do it*
ANOTHER option is to spend a night or two in Antigua.  This breaks up the drive since it’s closer to 2 hours to Antigua then the same to Villa Sumaya on the start day of the retreat.  Antigua is very safe. A couple places past retreater have stayed: Hotel Casa Antigua 3a Calle Poniente #5 & Porta Hotel, Antigua … however, there are many more centrally located hotels. We can provide shuttle service information for you to book a private shuttle to your hotel in Antigua, and we can arrange a pick up to take you to Villa Sumaya.

AA valid passport is mandatory to enter Guatemala. Visitors from the USA, Canada, and most European countries do not need visas. You will automatically receive a 90-day tourist visa upon entry.

The 5,000 foot altitude of Lake Atitlan and its proximity to the equator offers a semi-tropical paradise often referred to as “the land of eternal spring.” The deep caldera walls of the lake form a powerful inverse vortex to the volcanic mountains and ridges above, creating powerful energies and striking natural beauty in this play of opposites. During your week, you’ll receive daily yoga classes and workshops, healing foods, and sacred Mayan ceremonies. There is plenty of time built in to rest, receive spa services, explore, play, and adventure!

On and Around Lake Atitlan, many options and extras are available including:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Diving
  • Zip-lining
  • Waterskiing
  • Boat rides around Lake Atitlan
  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking the San Pedro Volcano
  • Climbing El Pico del Cielo
  • A shopping excursion to Panajachel
  • Guided village tours to Santiago, San Juan, Santa Catarina, San Antonio, and the Chichicastenango Market

The opportunity to recharge in a natural setting such as this is a true gift from mother earth herself. Let the practice of yoga reflect the vision of your best self in this land of serene mountains and dancing waters.

Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016

What to bring:


  • A hat for sun and for chilly nights (we will be at high altitudes of close to 5,000 feet)
  • A bathing suit, and a cover-up or sarong
  • Sunglasses
  • A windbreaker or raincoat
  • Layers for cool mornings and evenings
  • Warm weather clothing for sun protection
  • A shawl, sweatshirt, poncho or fleece (one warm thing for cold mornings and evenings)
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • A flashlight (we sell eco-flashlights in our store)
  • Insect repellent
  • Walking shoes or sport sandals


  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Nutribiotic (grapefruit seed extract) tablets–these come highly recommended and can help bad travelers’ stomachs
  • Vitamins/energy drinks
  • Dramamine (for car sickness) for the winding roads to Panajachel
  • Any prescriptions
  • Eyeglasses
  • Feminine hygiene products

Food and other comforts

  • Decaf coffee, decaf black tea, or other special teas if desired — there is no decaf in Guatemala
  • Clocks and hair dryers
  • Laptops–wireless is available in most of our center for a daily or weekly fee. Limited uploading and downloading permitted.
  • Any other items that will make you feel at home such as iPad, headphones
  • A snack for airplane and shuttle ride to hotel (3 hours)
  • Books and magazines (the center loves donations for the guest library)
  • A current passport, airplane tickets, and other form of ID (bringing a photocopy of these is recommended)
  • Personal checks, cash, or travelers checks to pay for incidentals and spa treatments are preferred. Credit cards have an 8% fee.
Click to read more about food, internet and other FAQ's
Does Villa Sumaya accommodate special diets?
Yes! Our center does accommodate most special dietary restrictions like allergies, vegan and non-gluten diets. We serve wholesome, fresh, meals that are simple and delicious. If you are concerned you can bring some alternative snacks to supplement your meals.

Is the water safe to drink?
You must drink bottled water. At our center we provide unlimited filtered water. Bring your water bottle or buy a Villa Sumaya one. We do not sell bottled water (plastic bottles).

Will there be enough protein?
Most meals have a protein source (eggs, beans, cheese, nuts, etc.). If you are on a high protein diet, please let us know in advance. It may be a good idea to bring a protein bar per day. You can also order chicken or fish as a supplement for buffet meals ($7 per portion). We do have meat options on our cafe menu when retreats are not in session.

Should I bring my own snacks?
The meals are abundant and well balanced. If you have extreme allergies or strict dietary needs, you may want to bring some supplemental foods. We also have a raw fruit and veggie juice bar, with exotic smoothies, raw caco and granola treats, chocolates, kombucha and other delights for in between meals.

What drinks do you serve?
We have beer, wine, tequila, and rum cocktails. Healthy smoothies, kombucha and fresh juices and sodas are also available.
All of personal and group packages have 24/7 access to teas and coffee as a complimentary service.

Is there laundry service?
Yes, we do have laundry service for $3 per pound. Please allow a 24 hours turn around for the laundry service.

Communications….. Internet and Phone?
We do have 2 computers with complimentary internet service for quick email check-ins. If you’d like to have internet service on your own device we charge $3.00 a day or $20.00 for the week. Calls to the U.S. are $1.50 per minute.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat or props?
We have mats, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows, and some folding chairs. In most cases, you are all set. But if you want to bring your owns props, that is fine. We appreciate any mat donations.

What type of electricity do you have?
Same as the United States. No adapters necessary.

Do I need to bring shampoo, lotion, hair dryer, and a towel?
We provide soap, shampoo and conditioner. Please bring your own lotion and hair dryers. There are towels in the room for bathing and beach towels to use in the spa area at reception.

Is there a pool, sauna or hot tub?
Lake Atitlan has been rising the past 5 years and our pool is sometimes under water. We have a beautiful dock space with lounge chairs and guests are often found sunning on the lake and swimming off our dock.

We have a beautiful spa area with natural stone solar heated hot tub and a wood fire sauna. The hot tub is available sun permitting and is complimentary. The sauna must be ordered in advanced and is $30 for a 1.5 hour sweat.

Can someone with mobility issues get around?
If you have slight mobility issues, we can most likely accommodate you. Getting off boats and onto docks, walking on stone paths and stairs can be super challenging to impossible for those with moderate or severe issues.

Sonia Azad - One Yoga Teacher
Dr Deb Kern
Deb Kern, Ph.D. is a teacher of vision, a sought-after intuitive guide, health scientist, author and speaker. She has studied with medicine women in Costa Rica, shamans in Bali, and Ayurvedic masters from India to California. A former nurse, health educator, and scientist, Deb conducted a groundbreaking study proving that mind/body integrated approaches to exercise were more effective at reducing anxiety than conventional approaches to exercise. Deb is also a yoga therapist, NIA black belt teacher, and creatrix of PranaShakti–a mind/body movement form.

[Read more about Deb]



MAYA ROSE ROOMS  include lovely lake view patios and are conveniently located near the courtyard, dining room, gardens and boutique. Each has 1 or 2 beds, private bath and an outdoor seating area. These are best if someone has mobility issues.
MR 2 – 2 twin beds (double preferred)
MR 3 – 2 twin beds (double preferred)
MR 4 – Queen bed- RESERVED
MR 5 – Queen or 2 twins
MR 6 – Queen or 2 twins
MR 7 – Queen bed

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $2295 per person

BUNGALOWS are cozy unique accommodation higher on the property.  Bungalows have Queens beds and  require  a 70-100 step walk uphill to get to. Imagine the views!
Bungalow #9 – Queen bed
Bungalow #10 – Queen bed

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $2295 per person


THE LOTUS HOUSE is a new build, 6 rooms on 3 levels with the Meditation Tiger Temple at the top.  Each has 2 or 3 beds, a private bath & small terrace facing the lake.
Room 1 – lower level King and twin bed
Room 2 – lower level Queen and twin bed
Room 3 – mid level, 3 twin beds
Room 4 – mid level, 3 twin beds
Room 5 – top level, King and twin
Room 6 – top level, 3 twin beds

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $2495 per person

PETITE SUITES  are cosy unique rooms higher on the property patios and beautiful views.
 and largest rooms on property with premium views and space. They are higher on the property and some require a walk uphill to get to the spectacular views.  ONE available with Quren bed only. ONE available with Queen and Twin bed.
Suite #8 – Queen and twin
Suite #18- Queen bed

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $2495 per person


These newest and largest rooms on property with premium views and space. They are higher on the property and some require a significant walk uphill to get to the spectacular views. 3 available with KING bed only. One available with King plus twin bed.
Suite #17 – Queen plus twin bed (double occupancy)
Suite #19 – King bed
Suite #22 – King bed
Suite #23 – King bed

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: $2595 per person


7 nights / 8 days eco accommodations
3 meals a day of delicious, nourishing food
PranaShakti and Healing Hatha Yoga classes
Wisdom Teaching and Workshops
Cacao and Evening ceremonies

Optional excursions include: Local village tours, kayak excursion with a hike, a volcano climb, a zip line tour, a day trip to San Juan, and more.

Airfare to Guatemala
Airport shuttle, and short boat ride (we will help organize, please budget $30-$50 each way),
Gratuities you’d like to offer to the retreat center staff (suggested is $35-$60),
Spa services
Additional excursions
Wifi is available for a small daily or weekly fee

Refunds and Cancellations: Refund less deposit ($595) before July 15, 2025. No refunds after July 15, 2025. In case of cancellation, you may transfer your deposit or your reservation to another person as long as you notify One Yoga Global 21+ days in advance. Due to arrangements made with our vacation hosts, there can be no exceptions to this policy.

If you place a deposit, the balance due will be set to charge in equal installments starting the month after deposit through July 2025, unless other arrangements are made.

We HIGHLY recommend that you consider purchasing Travel Insurance. Travel insurance companies like TRAWICK INTERNATIONAL & TRAVEL GUARD offer policies that insure your investment in case you need to cancel (including “cancel for any reason” coverages), coverages for expenses incurred due to to weather & travel delays, personal property loss and emergency travel medical.  Please review policies carefully to choose the coverage you need.


We recommend that you consider purchasing trip insurance to protect your investment. AIG Travel Guard and Trawick International are two providers that we recommend. Please review policies carefully to ensure they provide the coverage you need.

We recommend that you consider purchasing trip insurance to protect your investment. Trawick International and Travel Guard are two providers that we recommend. Please review policies carefully to ensure they provide the coverage you need.