Costa Rica’s Best Kept Secret Is A Yogi’s Paradise

Costa Rica’s Best Kept {Yoga} Secret is a Holistic Hotspot 100 Miles from San Jose

The mantra for life in Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” which means “pure life.” Costa Ricans say this as a greeting, and as a way of saying, “All is good.”

We love Costa Rica so much we scouted out a hip holistic hot spot not many know about (yet) to host our yoga retreat in April 2019. It’s called Nosara and it’s a coastal village about 100 miles away from crowded San Jose.

Nosara: 7 Things To Know About This Hip Holistic Hot Spot


1. Surf’s up

Named best surf town for people who don’t actually surf by HuffPost. Whether you surf or wade in the water, this is where you want to do it. Nosara is beginner friendly for new surfers.

2. It’s a turtle haven

Sea turtles nest from March to October. Blue Spirit lodge where we are headed in April is beside a turtle refuge where itty bitty turtles make their way out of the sand and out to the sea. It’s as cute as it sounds.

3. Locals

The Costa Rican people are called “Ticos” and are known for being super-friendly and helpful. Ticos implies ‘fondness’ or ‘affection’.

4. Wellness

Yoga is very popular in Nosara. Most everyone starts their day with a sun salutation which is why our April 2019 yoga retreat is going to be a stellar experience.

5. Transactions are convenient

Local currency is called Colones but most shops and restaurants accept US dollars and credit cards.

6. It’s Zen

Nosara, a coastal village about 100 miles away from San Jose is referred to as ‘heaven on earth’ for it’s overall vibe. The fruit, nature, wildlife, waterfalls, ocean, jungle and people are inviting, beautiful and laid back.

7. People live to be centenarians

Nosara is a Blue Zone. Blue Zones® are recognized areas where people live the longest (over 100 years old) and report the highest levels of wellbeing.

More about Nosara

In the last 10-years Nosara has grown quietly into one of the hip holistic hot-spots on the planet. Nestled along the coast with 3 unspoiled stunning beaches protected as a turtle refuge – Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and Playa Nosara – this peaceful and vibrant international community of nature lovers, surfers, yogis, and families truly embraces the Costa Rican ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.

Traveling to Costa Rica…

While it may seem remote, Costa Rica is easily accessible from the United States and Canada. Costa Rica has not only become known for its spectacular nature, bio-diversity, and ecological tourism, but also as a country whose values reflect many of the ideals embraced by those of us interested in world peace, environmental preservation, excellent education, and a high standard of health care. It is unique in Central America as it has the longest uninterrupted democracy, no standing army in more than 50 years, and a 95% literacy rate.

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