April in Paris . . . through the eyes of a yogini

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About 18 months ago, I was having tea with one of my dear friends and most inspiring teachers, Libby Cox.  She shared with me a dream of hers – to take a group to France . . . and specifically to Paris to experience the city’s legacy or art, culture and architecture  . . .  to wander the streets of the impressionists, writers and dreamers, and to practice living yoga.  I’ve never seen someone light up the way she did when she spoke of her time living in Paris as an art history teacher, dancer and yoga teacher who had not yet discovered yoga. I knew that we had to make it happen!

The Paris attacks were a blow to the the world – and we watched as the people and the city did not cower, but rose up proudly in the light of senseless violence.  Paris perseveres, we persevere, and we are more humbled and honored to be able to visit Ma Paris in her continued celebration of LIFE, not loss.

This trip has been specially designed for a small group to have an experience of a lifetime. We are already feeling the magic and look forward to sharing it with YOU!  There are just a few spots left  …. so I ask you … if not NOW … when?

In service to the planet and you,
Founder, One Yoga Collective / One Yoga Retreats