We are all one.

About One Yoga Retreats
About One Yoga Retreats
About One Yoga Retreats

In my travels and adventures through the Yoga world, I’ve had the pleasure or meeting and working with many incredible teachers along the way.

One Yoga Collective was created to honor these teachers, their gifts, and to bring them together to offer unique yoga and travel experiences to the masses.

The teachers of OYC come from diverse backgrounds, lineages, and life experience. We honor each other and learn from each other without any dogma. We honor the wisdom of all traditions and know that we all seek the same truth.

My personal journey in yoga started over 15 years ago and I still remember my first yoga retreat and the impact it had in my life. Since, I’ve become a yoga teacher and have worked for a large yoga group as Director of Events and Vacations, Director of Teacher Training, and as Managing Director of one of the country’s only plant-based culinary schools. All the while, using my free time to practice and study yoga with some of the most tenured teachers in the country.

It is my pleasure to work with this group of exceptional teachers and to share them with you.


In gratitude,

Laura Forsyth

Founder, One Yoga Global