8 Signs You Need A Digital Detox – And What To Do About It

Do you ever feel burned out from tech?

Maybe you know you should give scrolling a rest but your finger keeps moving on autopilot and you can’t help but bring your phone with you in every room of your house, including the bathroom. It may be time for a digital detox. 

There are two types of digital detoxes.

The first is a micro digital detox which means you simply delete apps that get a ton of your attention but you still use your phone for other things. The second is a full on digital detox which is a clean cut from all tech and gadgets for a period of time. 

A digital – less getaway is an invitation to reconnect with your own inner voice instead of the millions of other voices, comments and videos on the device in front of you. How long has it been since you pushed reset?

8 Signs You Need A Digital Detox A.S.A.P.


1. Your screen time is more than your me time. If your phone calculates all the time you spend on it and the total is more than you spend on your sleep, you deserve actual rest. 
2. You freak out when you can’t find your phone. Panic sets in. What if you miss something?
3. Even your small children have started mentioning how much you are on your phone. 
4. You can’t not check your phone even while eating out at restaurants.
5. The thought of going all day separated from your phone gives you anxiety. 
6. You scroll social media into the wee hours of the night and wake up with a social media hangovers every morning. 

7. You can’t make a decision without consulting your friends on Facebook.


8. You feel unworthy and are self critical without a certain amount of likes on your posts. 


Your self worth is not wrapped up in a 6 inch device that connects to strangers.

Your career won’t fall apart if you take a vacation. In fact, the best way to recharge and come back sharper, focused and with more healthy energy is a mult-day digital detox. 

It’s way easier to distract yourself from your phone when you’re out of the country at a beautiful location, eating delicious food, having conversations with new friends and practicing yoga than it is at home. 


Here’s our professional opinion on the best retreats for a digital detox: