8 Reasons Why Aruba was a no Brainer for us to Choose as a New 2020 Yoga Retreat Destination

Let’s face it, some countries are just easier to travel to and get around once you’re there. Aruba is one of them. You can easily bring just a carry on and still have everything you might need for fun on this island. Along with its unparalleled tropical island beauty and delightful year round weather, it’s a place that is perfect for a mind, body and soul reset and rejuvenation. 

Here are 8 reasons it was easy for us to choose Aruba as a new 2020 retreat destination:


1.Aruba’s official slogan is “One Happy Island”. Arubans are known for their warm and friendly personality. The earliest inhabitants of the island were a peace-loving tribe, the Arawak Indians who were mainly farmers and fishermen.


2. On one side of Aruba, you’ll find gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear water and calm coves to float in. On the other side of the island, you find black sand beaches, caves, natural bridges, and pools as well as rough surf.


3. The best time to travel to Aruba is anytime. It’s located in the Southern Caribbean just below the hurricane belt and it rarely rains there. 


4. Aruba has the same average temperature year-round of 82 degrees which translates into more room in your suitcase since you can leave out the jackets and socks.


5. Aruba is very laid back so packing casual is the way to go. Flip flops and yoga pants, anyone? 


6. The official currency is the florin, but the U.S. dollar is used and accepted everywhere. In fact, ATM’s offer both dollars and florin.


7. Aruba is 20 miles long and five miles wide making it fun and easy to explore the entire island even if you’re just visiting for a handful of days.


8. Most Aruban’s speak at least four languages; their native language of Papiamento as well as English, Dutch, and Spanish which means making new friends on this island and asking for directions a snap. 

Honestly, there were many more reasons than just these 8 for us adding Aruba to our 2020 retreat destination list… but you’ll have to visit the island to experience them all.

Sold on Aruba yet? We’re headed to Aruba twice in 2020…and you’re invited

February 28-March 5, 2020 and October 3-9, 2020

Perfectly timed, when you’re feeling like you’ve had enough of the cold and wet of winter and the busy-ness of the holidays.   When you’re REALLY ready for sunshine, warm tropical waters and the smell and feel of the delicious ocean breeze …

We have the perfect place, and we’re taking you there!  The small happy Dutch Caribbean Island of Aruba is one of perpetual perfect summer. Pristine white sands meet the most beautiful blue waters, along coastlines dotted with secluded coves and spectacular limestone cliffs. Aruba is a true island paradise and the perfect backdrop for a spectacular yoga retreat vacation.

Enjoy a glorious 7 days and 6 nights as we have an adventure, make friends, decompress, detox, do yoga, go deep and feel great. We’ll soak up the sunshine, swim, snorkel, and sail.  We’ll nourish our bodies in all ways and come home feeling refreshed!

Vacation Details

Your Delicious week in Aruba Includes:

* Your lodging for the week

For our week, we’ll be staying in a newly built family owned villa comprised of several single rooms, 2 bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom houses surrounded by manicured gardens and 2 swimming pools. Aruba’s Palm Beach is minutes away (less than 1 mile) and is an easy 15 minute walk or quick taxi.

* Daily yoga classes

Hatha and flow yoga in the the mornings, gentler yin and restorative in the afternoons when we are not on adventure!  Our lodging is just a 5 minute walk to the yoga shala and cafe where we will have meals each day

* Healthful vegan / vegetarian meals (minus 2 dinners we’ve left open to explore!)

Sample menu may include: 

Breakfast:  coffee / tea,  overnight oats, chia puddings, fresh fruits and veg. mashed avocado, hummus scrambled tofu, sweet potato hash , toast

Lunch: Quinoa tabblouleh, Hummus, tzaziki, falafel, pita, pesto pasta with garlic green beans and mushrooms

Dinner: Thai red curry with veg and tofu, rice noodles, ginger cabbage coleslaw, couscous with fruit and vegetable tajine, Moroccan carrot salad, spiced chickpeas, raw chocolate desert

* A special morning cliffside meditation overlooking the ocean

* Hike and Swim excursion

The wild and open North Shore of Aruba provides a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the island’s landscape. Here, in the Arikok National Park, you can walk among cactus forests and along the windy shoreline, ending the journey with a refreshing dip in an enchanting natural pool.

* A special group sailing excursion!

The combination of salty breeze and sunshine make our sailboat rides enlivening. You will sail to a prime snorkel spot, sip from an open bar, and watch the sunset from the greatest vantage point there is – right on the ocean.

* Plus Unlimited sun, sand and ocean therapy!

*Optional add-ons include SUP and massage services. Ask Laura@oneyogaglobal.com about scuba diving.

Other beaches and spots of interest to explore include Oranjestad, Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach, California Lighthouse and Baby Beach which can be accessed by minutes by taxi or rental car.