7 Facts About the Galápagos Islands That Make It Easy For Yogis To Fall In Love With This Pranic Destination

Many locations on our big planet are worth traveling to. However, there’s one uniquely special place in this world where you can find some of the most unusual happenings of species and environment all in one place.


They are the Galápagos Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific off the coast of Ecuador and not many have the chance to say they’ve been. 

Known as the “enchanted isles,” it connects you with nature, which in turns brings you closer to yourself.  These 7 facts about these islands will no doubt pique your curiosity and have you searching for the best Galapagos Islands Yoga vacations in the world. 


 1. Most of it is considered national park territory, yoga poses welcome.

An astounding 97% of the land here has been decreed as part of the Galapagos National Park. The surrounding waters are included as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. What this odd fact means for you is that the pristine beauty of this place remains intact and fully peaceful for the practice of yoga.


2. Active volcanoes abound, consider your root chakra activated

Watching geology happen before your eyes is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can have in your lifetime. Volcanic eruptions are certainly possible with the most recent occurring on Isabela in 2018. Being in the presence of these wonders is energetically uplifting. 


3. You can show off pics of boobies standing in Tadasana.

No, not those boobies. We mean the beautiful seabirds with colorful webbed feet. They nest on the ground and their fashion-forward feet are a result of the distinctive diets they enjoy on these incredible islands.


 4. Or hang with penguins. Heart chakra, it’s your turn to be activated.

Perhaps the strangest fact about these islands is that they are the only place in the Northern Hemisphere where penguins thrive in the wild. That’s due to the unique climate (more on that in a moment) that creates the perfect place for Galapagos penguins to live vibrant lives.


5. Great weather and sunshine in balance. Time to soak up life force energy.

The location close to the equator gives the Galapagos islands a year-round temperate climate. While it hovers at around 79°F, it features a hot season and a dry season. What makes it unique for penguins is how the various marine and air currents come together here. Plus, daylight hours stay the same all year so you’ll have plenty of time to strike a yoga pose here, there, and everywhere while discovering this land!



6. Spend time with wise tortoises while in contemplation. Journaling encouraged.

While yoga certainly helps you tap into your mind and body, creating a more youthful flow, nothing compares to seeing 100 year old, giant tortoises in all their wise glory in the wild. It’s the only place you’ll have this experience to walk among these docile creatures that have the longest longevity of any land animal.

 7. Unique landscape combinations may crystalize the pineal gland.

Well, we don’t know that for a fact but we do know that Pachamama has a way of uplifting us in mind, body and spirit. Seeing beauty each day is cleansing. With the Galapagos Islands, few places in the world can compare in beauty. It’s the only place on the planet that was formed by the unification of three tectonic plates. The plates – Pacific, Cocos, and Nazca – truly took the best of all worlds, creating heaven on earth in this epic location.

Retreat to the Galapagos Islands

Because the lands are protected, a yoga retreat to the Galapagos Islands offers you an unblemished perspective on the world. Find harmony and peace, plus plenty of amazing backgrounds for your photos. Join Libby Cox June 26 through July 3, 2021 for this amazing adventure! 



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