5 Gift Ideas To Give The Friend That Loves Wellness

We love supporting small local studios and businesses. What better time of year than the holidays to get the word out about our friends who are absolutely the best at what they offer?

Here’s where we like to shop for gifts to give our friends who make well-being a priority along with some ideas to locate wellness related gifts no matter where you live in the world.


1. Conscious energetic jewelry to manifest their dreams.

A mala or bracelet with crystals and beads that have intentional meaning for any of life’s desires: love, prosperity, vitality, joy, protection, confidence, wisdom, etc…can be purchased at one of our favorite online shops: Atma’s Offerings founded by Alyson Simms, yoga retreat leader and jewelry goddess traveler. Her website lets you shop by your intention so whatever your friend is searching for in life, it can be found here: www.atmasofferings.com




2. Astrological readings for a clear path forward.

Mehtab Benton is one of our most highly respected yoga retreat leaders with wisdom that transcends other dimensions. He offers Astrological Vedic readings that are perfect for those looking for guidance on their spiritual path and to fulfill their destiny in the outer world. Who wouldn’t benefit from insight and future intelligence? Visit Mehtab’s Vedic Astrology page. https://yogimehtab.com/vedic-astrology/



3. Transformational travel experiences.

If you want to give someone the gift that changes them forever then opt for one that offers traveling to a new world, eating new food, meeting new people and deepening their yoga practice. The gift of a getaway is something they’ll never forget or store in their closet. Our 2020 retreat line up is the best it’s ever been. Surprise them by giving them our website address and telling them to pick out a retreat that’s calling them by name. See our upcoming retreats. www.Oneyogaglobal.com

4. Deep relaxation and chakra alignment.

Impress them with more than a swedish massage and go for an exotic experience inspired by ancient wisdom and ingredients. Since many yogis and yoginis are empaths, they tend to feel the energy of others more than the average person and appreciate opportunities to cleanse their auras, align their chakras and relax within. Many hotels now offer world class spa services that are unique to it’s location and far from mainstream. Seek out an impressive resort in your area and ask about their best services.

5. Gift certificates to pick their pleasure.

You can’t go wrong with a gift card to any spa, wellness shop, healthy restaurant or holistic practitioner. In fact, many yogis prefer to choose their own wellness experience since they are so in tune with their mind, body and spirit and know exactly what they need moment to moment. Ask around to see what health and wellness businesses are the best and find out if they offer gift cards.

Have a favorite business, studio or practitioner you like to get your gifts from? We’d love to know! Give them a shoutout in the comments below.