Find Out Which Season You’d Love Most in Iceland

When it comes to an international adventure in an extraordinary place, we have Iceland down like nobody’s business. 


Each season in Iceland is like visiting a new amazing planet. It feels completely unique and wondrous compared to the season before.


The only question is…What type of Icelandic Retreater are you?

Decode your preferred season to travel to Iceland by

matching up with a seasonal description below.

You’re an Icelandic Winter Retreater if…

You love the idea of exploring frozen waterfalls, snow covered landscapes, snowshoeing and dog sledding!  You’re a big fan of phenomenal cosmic events. Clear nights where the stars go on forever, solar activity and a chance to see the sky illuminated by Northern Lights lights you up inside!

You are also interested in: yoga, journaling, affirmations, jacuzzis, hot springs, whales, and champion huskies.

Your Iceland Retreat Match is: Women’s Retreat with Melanie and Jennifer March 14-21

You’re an Icelandic Spring Retreater if…

You love nature and the sounds and fresh smells of spring time. Daydreaming while walking through native flowers blooming, and witnessing everything coming alive as the horses and sheep have their babies are the best energizer for you!

You are also interested in: Energizing Vinyasa flow yoga, nature, riding horses, lava fields, soaking in mineral springs, massage, sauna, exploring on your own.

Your Iceland Retreat Match is: Akureyri, Iceland with Kathy Parsons May 23 – 30, 2020 SPECIAL: Save $100 until October 15, 2019.

You’re an Icelandic Summer Retreater if…

You’ve always been curious about endless days of 24 hour sunlight and want to experience this Vitamin D super charge! Taking a video at midnight while the sun seems to be setting but then skims the horizon and comes back up sounds glorious to you. The colors of the sun match the colors of your 2nd and 3rd chakra and a 24 hour yellow and orange sun bath is just what you need.

You are also interested in: Healing yoga practices of movement like Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra and culture, wellness centers, geothermal jacuzzis, Icelandic horses, whales, the fjord, huskies and nature.

Your Iceland Retreat Match is: Peace In The Pause Retreat with Gretchen Schutte Aug 1-8, 2020 Early Registration Discounts Available For This Retreat For Limited Time

You’re an Icelandic Autumn Retreater if…

You crave balance in your life so visiting Iceland during this season when day and night begin to even out while the weather stays fairly mild sounds soothing to your mind, body and spirit. Observing the colors of nature shift into Autumn, the evening bringing sightings of the Aurora Borealis and the snow starting to kiss the mountaintops is exactly the visual transformation you desire.

You are also interested in: Icelandic horses, northern lights, dog sledding, cultural tours, lava fields, geothermal waters, wellness center offers like massage and sauna plus free time to explore.

Your Iceland Retreat Matches are: 

Akureyri, Northern Iceland with Kiely Wolters Oct 3 – 10, 2020 Take $300 off this retreat with Kiely for a limited time.
An Inner And Outer Exploration with Rachael Hunter and Kristin Page Nov 14-21, 2020 Take $300 off this just announced retreat for a limited time. 

So what type of Icelandic Season do you vibe with most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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