Libby Cox

Libby Cox is an artist and dancer whose love for the human form and movement brought her to a Hatha Yoga practice in 2000. She integrates many different teachings in her yoga instruction and considers herself a life long student, encouraging her students to do the same.

With over a decade of yoga teaching experience, Libby is a graduate of Yoga Yoga Teacher Training and is an E-RYT 500. Libby was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 2002 and completed RYT 200 in Ashtanga Yoga in 2004. She later went on to study numerous other styles of yoga and teaching approaches, and travels as a featured instructor to yoga centers throughout the United States and abroad. Libby recognizes that to be a knowledgeable instructor one has to understand the world of yoga as a whole and not be closed off to any yoga experience, knowledge or practice. It is through this knowledge, Libby discovered, that one is grounded in one’s own personal practice. It is this knowledge that also enhances and deepens the learning experience as it is transmitted from teacher to student.

Libby lived and studied in Western Massachusetts from 2007-09, where she met two of her most influential teachers; Patty Townsend and Douglas Brooks. She studied Embodyoga®, a system of yoga developed by Townsend . Embodyoga® combines vinyasa-based asana practice with a life-affirming tantric philosophy and an approach to movement steeped in the detail-oriented, anatomy-driven developmental movement principles of Body Mind Centering (BMC).

Dr. Douglas Brooks introduced her to Rajanaka Tantra, a body of ideas and practices that teach radical philosophical notions affirming the invaluable education and empowerment we receive from our everyday corporeal experience. She has been studying Tantra and Yoga Philosophy ever since and continues to learn through Dr. Brooks’ online school, Srividyalaya.

This combination of studies has sustained Libby’s long time love of connecting the exploration of body-mind and breath to invigorating, well-informed creative movement. She also loves the support and inspiration that grows out of being part of a yoga community, and seeks to share her love of yoga as a philosophy that nourishes the capacity for creativity and resilience on life’s paths.