About Israel

Discover one of the most diverse and the sacred places on Earth through the practice of yoga. Nestled on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is home to a rich array of people and cultures, each with their own hallowed traditions. This diversity is reflected in the many sights and sounds of the country, and bustling Tel Aviv, worshipped Jerusalem, and the revered Dead Sea will be among the sites we explore.

Your yoga instructor and guide for this journey, Dana Makeover, spent much of her life living in Israel and now travels back several times a year. Our yoga practices will be accessible to all, with an intention of opening our hearts and experiencing Israel’s sacred spaces in our own personal and intimate ways. If you are new to yoga, Dana will shed light on the sweet universal threads that bring all traditions together.

One Yoga Retreats is currently planning this week-long journey to take place in the fall of 2016. Please join our newsletter at the link below to receive announcements of details, upcoming dates, and registration.

Dana Makover

March 17-24, 2018