Lake Atitlan, GUATEMALA

with JohnMark Robbins and Erika Kluthe

August 13-20, 2016

Join JohnMark and Erika for a sacred pilgrimage to the distant Mayan stronghold of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Nestled in a landlocked bay on the north shore of beautiful of the lake, our retreat center is located on 18 acres in the traditional homeland of the indigenous Maya. In this private setting, you will discover a deeply healing environment, an open-air yoga studio, and pristine waters surrounded my majestic landscapes including three spectacular volcanoes. This area is known to locals as “the belly button of the Earth,” and it is in this serene natural setting where yoga can do its best work, grounding your body and uplifting your spirits.

This LGBT friendly week includes your lodging, meals, a shamanic blessing ceremony, daily yoga classes, specialty workshops (including Thai Yoga Massage with JohnMark) and a sacred cacao ceremony.

Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016

Vacation Details

The 5,000 foot altitude of Lake Atitlan and its proximity to the equator offers a semi-tropical paradise often referred to as “the land of eternal spring.” The deep caldera walls of the lake form a powerful inverse vortex to the volcanic mountains and ridges above, creating powerful energies and striking natural beauty in this play of opposites. During your week, you’ll receive daily yoga classes and workshops, healing foods, and sacred Mayan ceremonies. There is plenty of time built in to rest, receive spa services, explore, play, and adventure!

On and Around Lake Atitlan, many options and extras are available including:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Diving
  • Zip-lining
  • Waterskiing
  • Boat rides around Lake Atitlan
  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking the San Pedro Volcano
  • Climbing El Pico del Cielo
  • A shopping excursion to Panajachel
  • Guided village tours to Santiago, San Juan, Santa Catarina, San Antonio, and the Chichicastenango Market

The opportunity to recharge in a natural setting such as this is a true gift from mother earth herself. Let the practice of yoga reflect the vision of your best self in this land of serene mountains and dancing waters.


Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016

Travel, Additional Information & FAQ’s

Villa Sumaya is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan near the village of Santa Cruz la Laguna.

Please plan your flights to arrive in and depart from Guatemala City. We will collect your flight details and group you together to share private shuttles to Panajachel. From Panajachel, you will take a short boat ride to the Villa Sumaya Dock. The shuttle and boat ride will be booked for us by Villa Sumaya. Please budget $50 each way for this service. (This may be less or slightly more depending on how many share your shuttle bus).

A valid passport is mandatory to enter Guatemala. Visitors from the USA, Canada, and most European countries do not need visas. You will automatically receive a 90-day tourist visa upon entry.

Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016

What to bring:


  • A hat for sun and for chilly nights (we will be at high altitudes of close to 5,000 feet)
  • A bathing suit, and a cover-up or sarong
  • Sunglasses
  • A windbreaker or raincoat
  • Layers for cool mornings and evenings
  • Warm weather clothing for sun protection
  • A shawl, sweatshirt, poncho or fleece (one warm thing for cold mornings and evenings)
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • A flashlight (we sell eco-flashlights in our store)
  • Insect repellent
  • Walking shoes or sport sandals


  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Nutribiotic (grapefruit seed extract) tablets–these come highly recommended and can help bad travelers’ stomachs
  • Vitamins/energy drinks
  • Dramamine (for car sickness) for the winding roads to Panajachel
  • Any prescriptions
  • Eyeglasses
  • Feminine hygiene products

Food and other comforts

  • Decaf coffee, decaf black tea, or other special teas if desired–WE DO NOT HAVE DECAF COFFEE IN GUATEMALA
  • Clocks and hair dryers
  • Laptops–wireless is available in most of our center for a daily or weekly fee. Limited uploading and downloading permitted.
  • Any other items that will make you feel at home such as iPad, headphones
  • A snack for airplane and shuttle ride to hotel (3 hours)
  • Books and magazines (the center loves donations for the guest library)
  • A current passport, airplane tickets, and other form of ID (bring a photocopy of these is recommended)
  • Personal checks, cash, or travelers checks to pay for incidentals and spa treatments are preferred. Credit cards have an 8% fee.
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016
Lake Atitlan Yoga Guatemala 2016


JohnMark Robbins - One Yoga Teacher

JohnMark Robbins

JohnMark is a full time yoga teacher and massage therapist in Austin Texas. He is the creator and owner of “Big Boy Yoga,” a specialized and therapeutic yoga style for larger-framed males. He combines his strength as a former college football player with the discipline of his training in Sridaiva, Anusara, Bhakti, as well as a background in and love for (what kind?) dance. JohnMark’s teaching range is impressively broad: it is clear and safely paced, therefore appropriate for those newer to the practice, yet challenging for the advanced practitioner. JohnMark has a contagiously adventurous spirit and an unparalleled joie de vivre. If your own adventurous energy could use a boost, he’s the teacher to help and encourage you whether that be with hand standing, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, or hang gliding.

Erika Kluthe - One Yoga Teacher

Erika Kluthe

Erika Kluthe is a full time yoga teacher where she works as a yoga therapist both publicly and privately. She holds advanced training hours in the Pranamaya Kosha (energetic sheath) or energy body, most specifically the chakras. She teaches a form of rigorous alignment-based vinyasa with an emphasis on the energy-body: opening the body into shapes that strengthen not only the gross or physical body, but also a particular chakra or area of energetic and psychological concentration within the energy body. Her style is creative, fun, soulful, yet light-hearted. She is also fond of surprises, creative forms of dharana (single-pointed focus)/meditation, and giving away colorful river rocks. In fact, some have described her as “The Rock Painter” and her classes as “Erika Church,” as her passion for the spiritual elements within the practice are evident.



The bungalows are cozy, handcrafted rooms with unique charm and gorgeous views. There are 3 bungalows available with QUEEN beds. They are perfect for couples or as single occupancy.

Bungalow 8 has a snug bedroom with a queen bed and a separate single bed in the sitting area as well as a spacious wooden deck, complete with a handmade hammock. -SOLD

Bungalow 9 is our comfy thatched-roof lookout room with an expansive vista and rustic charm. Featuring one queen bed and a spacious bathroom built imaginatively into the hillside.- SOLD

Bungalow 10 is an intimate accommodation showcasing a vaulted roof, antique wooden headboard, one queen bed, romantic seating area and a 100-year-old Chipilean tree in its sizable bathroom. The private patio contains a table for two, a handmade hammock and a sitting area with an outstanding view. – SOLD

Double Occupancy: $1695 per person
Single Occupancy: $2095
* Once your deposit is received, we will contact you and confirm your room number.



We have a number of beautiful Maya Rose Rooms available.  All rooms include sensational lake view patios and are conveniently located near the courtyard, dining room, gardens and boutique. 1 queen bed or 2 twin beds.

Double Occupancy: $1695 per person 

Single Occupancy: $2095 

1 male roommate space available as well as 1 additional room for a single or double occupancy still available.


The newly built Bamboo House offers luxury accommodations varying in size. All the rooms have majestic lake view balconies, posh modern stylized bathrooms, and elegant antique furnishings.

Room 17 is a suite with sitting area and one queen bed. It has a fireplace for chilly nights.  For a couple or single. -SOLD

Room 18 features a built-in window seat and a lake view desk to inspire your creative sensibilities. It features 2 twin beds. – SOLD

Room 19 is a suite with an appointed sitting area and one queen bed. For a couple or single. – STILL AVAILABLE

Double Occupancy: $1895 per person
Single Occupancy: $2295
* once your deposit is received, we will contact you and confirm your room number

Your week includes: 7 nights accommodations, yoga classes twice daily with Erika and JohnMark, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, a special shamanic blessing ceremony and a sacred cacao ceremony.

Not included: Airfare to Guatemala, airport shuttle, and short boat ride (we will help organize, please budget $30-$50 each way), as well as any gratuities you’d like to offer to the retreat center staff (suggested is $35-$60), spa services, and additional excursions.

Optional excursions include: Local village tours, kayak excursion with a hike, a volcano climb, a zip line tour, a day trip to San Juan, and more.

Refunds and Cancellations: Refund less deposit ($395) before May 15, 2016. No refunds after May 15, 2016.  In case of cancellation, you may transfer your deposit or your reservation to another person as long as you notify One Yoga Global in advance. Or, if we are able to fill your space from a waitlist, your fees (less your deposit) will be refunded to you. In case of cancellation by One Yoga Global, you will receive a full refund of all funds received by One Yoga Global. Due to arrangements made with our vacation hosts, there can be no exceptions to this policy.

All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver to participate on the trip.

Does Villa Sumaya accommodate special diets?

Yes! Our center does accommodate most special dietary restrictions like allergies, vegan and non-gluten diets. We serve wholesome, fresh, meals that are simple and delicious. If you are concerned you can bring some alternative snacks to supplement your meals.

Is the water safe to drink?

You must drink bottled water. At our center we provide unlimited filtered water. Bring your water bottle or buy a Villa Sumaya one. We do not sell bottled water (plastic bottles).

Will there be enough protein?

Most meals have a protein source (eggs, beans, cheese, nuts, etc.). If you are on a high protein diet, please let us know in advance. It may be a good idea to bring a protein bar per day. You can also order chicken or fish as a supplement for buffet meals ($7 per portion). We do have meat options on our cafe menu when retreats are not in session.

Should I bring my own snacks?

The meals are abundant and well balanced. If you have extreme allergies or strict dietary needs, you may want to bring some supplemental foods. We also have a raw fruit and veggie juice bar, with exotic smoothies, raw caco and granola treats, chocolates, kombucha and other delights for in between meals.

What drinks do you serve?

We have beer, wine, tequila, and rum cocktails. Healthy smoothies, kombucha and fresh juices and sodas are also available.
All of personal and group packages have 24/7 access to teas and coffee as a complimentary service.

Is there laundry service?

Yes, we do have laundry service for $3 per pound. Please allow a 24 hours turn around for the laundry service.

Communications….. Internet and Phone?

We do have 2 computers with complimentary internet service for quick email check-ins. If you’d like to have internet service on your own device we charge $3.00 a day or $20.00 for the week. Calls to the U.S. are $1.50 per minute.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat or props?

We have mats, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows, and some folding chairs. In most cases, you are all set. But if you want to bring your owns props, that is fine. We appreciate any mat donations.

What type of electricity do you have?

Same as the United States. No adapters necessary.

Do I need to bring shampoo, lotion, hair dryer, and a towel?

We provide soap, shampoo and conditioner. Please bring your own lotion and hair dryers. There are towels in the room for bathing and beach towels to use in the spa area at reception.

Is there a pool, sauna or hot tub?

Lake Atitlan has been rising the past 5 years and our pool is sometimes under water. We have a beautiful dock space with lounge chairs and guests are often found sunning on the lake and swimming off our dock.

We have a beautiful spa area with natural stone solar heated hot tub and a wood fire sauna. The hot tub is available sun permitting and is complimentary. The sauna must be ordered in advanced and is $30 for a 1.5 hour sweat.

Can someone with mobility issues get around?

If you have slight mobility issues, we can most likely accommodate you. Getting off boats and onto docks, walking on stone paths and stairs can be super challenging to impossible for those with moderate or severe issues.