Yoga Teacher Robin Bruce (Dharampal)
Robin Bruce (Dharampal)

Dharampal is an American singer/songwriter who performs spiritually-charged music that spans a wide array of musical styles including gospel, soul, jazz, mantra, indie & hip-hop. She has released 3 CD’s and performs at yoga studios and yoga festivals nationally and internationally.

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On Yoga …

“Yoga saved my life. I started practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2002 in San Antonio, TX. I was a young 20-something with drive but no focus. What yoga did for me in the beginning was allow me to breathe deeply. It later became a form of therapy, a healing modality revealing my darkest secrets to myself. I was vulnerable for the first time in my life”

After completing a degree in Nutrition, I felt the need to express creatively. I moved to Austin where I completed two yoga teacher training programs (Kundalini 200 and Hatha 200) and still continue to experience workshops with Gary Kraftsow, Sarah Powers, Sadie Nardini and more. I love the therapeutics of viniyoga, the yin/yang and meditation practice of Insight Yoga, and the vigorous yet gentle, core strength practice of Core Vinyasa Flow. And also a large part of my internal work is with Guru Dev Singh in the healing modality of Contemplative Awareness. Yoga continues to fuel my creativity and passion for life. In this way yoga, music, and healthy lifestyle are connected.