Yoga Teacher Jenn Wooten

Rebecca Saline

Rebecca took her first yoga class almost 20 years ago at the urging of her sister. “It was a life-changing moment,” she recalls. “I loved the physical challenge but more importantly, I felt a sense of peace, of being fully present in the moment, and connecting to the sensations in my body.” She immediately became passionate about yoga as an instrument for healing and integrating the body and mind. In 2003, Rebecca completed her teaching training and became an instructor. Her goal in every class is to combine a vigorous physical practice with a restorative mental and spiritual connection. As a child, Rebecca was an avid dancer and dreamed of being a dance teacher. She uses the flow and rhythm of dance as an instructional tool. The building blocks of her style are creative sequences where breath, intention, and mindfulness work in concert with challenging movement.  “I want to give my students,” she says. “the freedom to simply be, without judgment, so they can release the negative stresses in their bodies and minds that are no longer serving them, and find the space to move from a place of truth and love.”

Rebecca is a co-founder and partner of Mandala Yoga Collective, an online yoga studio that exists to inspire healing, growth, and transformation in a way that supports feeling, breathing, and simply being.