Sheila Singh

Sheila’s chance encounter with yoga, while traveling through Kauai two decades ago, led her on an unexpected and transformative journey.  Although her roots began in the world of science and engineering, her path eventually called her to study the workings of the mind, and to embrace the wisdom of the heart and spirit. Since that first encounter, Sheila has been immersing in the practice and study of yoga, meditation, and nondual philosophy.  She has been fortunate to learn directly from David Swenson, Sarah Powers, and Richard Miller and continues to sit with them when she can.

Sheila hopes to create spaces that allow students to slow down, restore and return. She encourages compassionate self-exploration and curiosity for life’s unfolding, while guiding practitioners to embody the wholeness and wisdom that lies within. Weaving together gentle movement, meditation, and yoga nidra, Sheila teaches foremost from a place of intuition and from the heart of her own experience.  It brings her great joy to create a feeling of community and a lightness through which to explore life.

Sheila is eternally grateful to her family and especially her two girls who are an unwavering source of love and inspiration every day.