Welcome to our website 2.0!

It’s been 3 years since One Yoga Collective was founded and what a sweet ride it’s been! The Collective was founded as a collective of teachers – a handful of us who felt drawn to this dharma of teaching while knowing that we had to make it sustainable and enjoyable in our own lives and practice (as a continual student).  We actually wanted a way to spend time with each other AND with our friends, family and students outside of our day to day environments and obligations.

Knowing that retreat settings create the space for deep exploration while being taken care of and nourished – we desired this for ourselves and to share with all we know.   We formed The Collective, pooled our money and reserved some space at our first retreat destination – then we just invited everyone….

People showed up – and showed up again – and told their friends!  … so many connections have been made and friendships formed that would NEVER have happened otherwise.  Inspiration flowed and we could see the multiplication effect happening into people’s lives, communities and around the planet.  We knew we were doing something right!

So we kept going and keep taking the risks … and here we are today!  A collective of more teachers, more partnerships & more incredible destinations.
We are re-launching as One Yoga Retreats with a little extra push into the world in the hopes of reaching more students and to keep organically expanding possibilities for teachers and students.

THANK YOU for being part of our growth – by coming on a retreat, you not only serve yourself, you help us keep teaching & you help the communities we visit.
Join us … join the collective & join yourself on a journey you’ll never forget!

I look forward to seeing you around the globe!